Should armpit hair be shaved or plucked?

Plucking armpit hair is a habit of many people, especially women. Currently, with the development of beauty technology, there are many methods to help women remove armpit hair. Although there are many modern methods to help women completely remove armpit hair, many women still wonder whether armpit hair should be shaved or plucked?
For women, a lot of underarm hair growth causes discomfort and loss of confidence, especially when wearing short-sleeved clothes. In the summer with hot weather, the excessive appearance of underarm hair also causes itching and odor because bacteria are facilitated to grow when sweat is secreted. Therefore, women often have the habit of shaving or plucking armpit hair to relieve discomfort caused by armpit hair.

1. How does shaving or plucking armpit hair affect?

The habit of shaving or plucking armpit hair can immediately relieve the discomfort they cause for women. However, this method can lead to the following harms:
Pulling armpit hair: Using tools such as tweezers to pluck armpit hair can be painful the first time you use it, but after using it for a long time, you will get used to it. However, using tweezers can damage the surrounding soft tissue and hair follicles in that area. At that time, bacteria are facilitated to grow, causing enlarged pores, inflammation of the sweat glands, inflammation, and darkening of the skin under the arms. There is even a tumor that causes painful swelling in the hair follicles. Shaving armpit hair: Compared to plucking armpit hair, using a tool such as a razor, although it does not cause pain, but after shaving, the hair will grow back more, faster and harder.
Nhổ lông nách
Dùng nhíp nhổ lông nách có thể khiến các tổ chức mô mềm xung quanh và nang lông ở vùng da đó bị tổn thương

2. Should armpit hair be shaved or plucked?

Shaving or plucking underarm hair both causes certain inconveniences, so should it be shaved or plucked? Dermatologists have advised women to shave their armpits for the following reasons:
Safer, no damage to the skin and surrounding tissue by only contact with the surface. skin on the top without deeply affecting the underlying tissue. Faster and painless compared to armpit hair removal. However, it should be noted that before shaving, the knife must be disinfected with an antiseptic solution and when shaving, do not shave vigorously, close to the skin because it can scratch the skin, avoiding creating conditions for bacteria to grow and cause inflammation. underarm skin infection.

3. Is there any method other than shaving or plucking the armpit hair?

Currently, there are many new beauty methods to help women handle underarm hair easier without hurting the skin and with high aesthetics. In particular, armpit hair removal is considered an optimal method that helps to thoroughly treat armpit hair, is safe, does not cause pain and damage to the skin, makes cleaning the armpit hair area cleaner and easier. .
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Triệt lông nách được xem là một phương pháp tối ưu vừa giúp xử lý triệt để lông nách, vừa an toàn, không gây đau và làm tổn thương da
However, dermatologists note that armpit hair removal should only be applied to people over the age of 12. Especially for people with increased sweating in the armpits, this is also a method to help reduce underarm odor. regain confidence for not only women but also men.
In addition, some frequently used foods can also be combined to help treat unpleasant odors in the armpit area, and at the same time prevent the growth of armpit hair, such as lemon, honey, etc. turmeric powder, fresh milk. It should be noted that before and after armpit hair removal with these foods is to clean the armpit area and persevere.
Finally, if armpit hair makes you itchy, causes unpleasant odors in the summer and after cleaning, using many deodorant products as well as armpit hair removal methods still does not reduce the condition. sweating, you should visit a dermatology specialist for advice.
Instead of using tweezers to pluck armpit hair by themselves, women should use a razor or go to specialized dermatology facilities for advice on thoroughly handling armpit hair.
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Thay vì tự dùng nhíp nhổ lông nách, các chị em phụ nữ nên sử dụng dao cạo hoặc đến các cơ sở chuyên khoa da liễu để được tư vấn
Hopefully the above information has provided you with more options and answers to whether armpit hair should be shaved or plucked. Wish you always have a scientific diet and improve your work productivity and improve your life.

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