Should rhinoplasty cover cartilage or structure is beautiful?

Currently, there are many cosmetic rhinoplasty methods to help high nose bridge, soft curves, natural high nose tip, in which cartilage-covered rhinoplasty and structural rhinoplasty are the two most popular methods. So should rhinoplasty cover cartilage or structure is beautiful?. Follow the article to better understand these two techniques.

1. What is rhinoplasty?

Cartilage-covered rhinoplasty is a method to help raise the bridge of the nose and shape the tip of the nose with autologous cartilage (usually taken from ear cartilage, costal cartilage,...). Therefore, after performing rhinoplasty with cartilage, it will overcome the disadvantages in the previous nose such as: red ball of nose, sagging or exposed nose bridge.
Should perform rhinoplasty method when:
Low nose, upturned nose, thin skin at the tip of the nose, too low nose bridge The shape of the nose is broken after lifting. Want a higher, more beautiful nose. During rhinoplasty, the doctor will place a layer of Megaderm on the outside of the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose. The Megaderm layer helps the nose to be soft and delicate, creating a naturally beautiful S line without being exposed. From there, it helps to make the bridge of the nose light and slender, minimizing the roughness caused by artificial cartilage.
Cartilage-covered rhinoplasty uses self (ear rim) so the compatibility with the body will be higher than other rhinoplasty methods. From there, help the nose to be high, harmonious, proportionate with the face and natural. However, to achieve the highest efficiency, the nose must have a relatively stable foundation, without too many defects.
In general, cartilage-covered rhinoplasty is safe, highly aesthetic, the biggest difference here is the combination of both artificial cartilage and autologous cartilage to bring the best results.
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2. What is structural rhinoplasty?

Structural rhinoplasty is a method to restore the entire nose shape from the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose to the bridge of the nose. The difference between structural rhinoplasty and other methods is the combination of autologous cartilage and biological cartilage. It is this that helps to bring a standard golden ratio nose shape, elegant but still natural like the real thing.
The structural rhinoplasty method is suitable for the following cases:
Low, short, upturned nose. Having an accident or trauma to the nose Ever had a nose job but was not satisfied or had complications from the previous surgery. With the structural rhinoplasty method, the doctor has to restructure the entire nose, so the time taken will be longer than with conventional rhinoplasty methods. In addition, this method requires a high level of skill and technique, and the materials used for surgery are also higher, so the cost is slightly higher than with other methods.

3. Should you choose rhinoplasty with cartilage or structure?

Although the two methods of structural rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty with cartilage cover have many differences, they are both highly appreciated by cosmetologists because of their many advantages in aesthetics and safety because of using autologous cartilage. High compatibility, avoid complications.
These two methods both help to overcome the defects of the nose, bringing the nose high, slim, natural beauty and harmony with the face, avoiding the risk of shadow, red nose tip.
Should perform rhinoplasty with cartilage or structure depends on the purpose and condition of each person's nose. If the nose does not have many defects, it is possible to perform rhinoplasty with cartilage. On the contrary, if the nose is injured due to an accident, a structural rhinoplasty should be applied to fix it.
It is best to choose the method according to the advice and evaluation of the doctor to be most effective and suitable for you.
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