Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty and what you need to know

A low, flat, full nose makes many women lose confidence. Currently, there are many methods of rhinoplasty, in which, surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty is receiving more attention and attention. This is a cosmetic method with modern technology to help women achieve a standard, natural and confident nose shape that challenges all perspectives.

1. What is Surgiform Cartilage Rhinoplasty?

Surgiform cartilage is defined as a high-grade artificial biological cartilage and is used in cosmetic rhinoplasty today. This is a cartilage material made up of millions of microscopic holes that allow blood vessels in the body to circulate. Surgiform material has the ability to adhere to the nasal cavity to keep the perfect nose shape. At the same time, it also contributes to minimizing the phenomenon of redness of the tip of the nose, lowering the bridge of the nose due to rejection, ensuring the safety and long-term effectiveness
Surgiform Cartilage with 100% ePTFE material has been approved by the Drug Administration of Vietnam. Food and Foodstuffs FDA (USA) quality control, safety and effectiveness certification. This is a safe material in the medical and aesthetic fields used to make artificial blood vessels.
Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty is a cosmetic method using Surgiform materials. This material has the ability to bend without the need to use any other effects on the surrounding cells, to provide a more natural nose shape after lifting. This is a safe rhinoplasty solution that helps the body quickly adapt to the new elements in the body.

2. Outstanding advantages of Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty

Surgiform cartilage is a high-grade artificial cartilage with high compatibility with the body, minimizing problems related to elimination such as red ball of the tip of the nose, lowering the bridge of the nose. This cartilage has the ability to shape and attach to the nasal bones to form a strong bond. When you have a strong impact on your nose such as twisting or turning your nose sharply, the impact will not affect and still maintain a beautiful nose shape for a long time. Surgiform cartilage has flexible properties that make it easy to bend and cut to shape the bridge of the nose during surgery, and at the same time, create the most beautiful and natural nose shape. Surgiform cartilage is suitable for many nose shapes such as S-line and L-line. Completely overcome the defects of previous types of silicone cartilage.
Nâng mũi sụn Surgiform
Nâng mũi sụn Surgiform giúp hạn chế tối đa sự đào thải của cơ thể

3. Who should have Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty

Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty is a cosmetic method that can be applied to many people who want to improve their nose shape such as:
Men and women over 18 years old. People who love beauty and want to change themselves. Those who have a low flat nose shape, rough nose, big nose tip, thick and unbalanced nose wings, ... People who have had nose correction experience complications such as: exposed bridge of nose, red ball of nose tip, deviated spine, ... Those who want to own a new standard nose and naturally maintain it over time. Those noses were deformed by accident. People with birth defects of the nose. The owner of the nose bridge is low, short, upturned.

4. Reasons to perform Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage is a harmonious combination between advanced rhinoplasty techniques and the most advanced cartilage material today. With this method, 1/3 of the nose tip is completely reconstructed with autologous cartilage, 2/3 of the nose bridge is shaped by Surgiform cartilage. The technique of erecting and reconstructing the tip of the nose with autologous cartilage performed at the same time will help raise the bridge of the nose and lengthen the nose effectively. Meanwhile, surgiform artificial cartilage with high shapeability will create a natural nasal wave shape, in harmony with each person's face.
Nâng mũi sụn Surgiform được nhiều người tin tưởng sử dụng
Nâng mũi sụn Surgiform được nhiều người tin tưởng sử dụng

5. Attention after rhinoplasty Surgiform

After performing rhinoplasty by Surgiform rhinoplasty method, each person may experience different signs depending on the location. Some of the most common signs after rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage such as swelling, slight purple in the nose area in the first few days after surgery. When encountering such situations, you should pay attention to consult a specialist. At the same time, you should take some notes after rhinoplasty surgery to shorten the recovery time.
Always keep the wound dry, in the first few days you should wipe the wound with physiological saline. How to do this: Use a clean cotton swab soaked in physiological saline and gently wipe around the nose area with a frequency of 2 times / day in the morning after waking up and in the evening after personal hygiene. Absolutely avoid direct impact on the nose area or vigorous activities such as swimming, jogging, ... in the first 1-2 weeks. The reason is that the strong impact during this time can affect the shape of the nose after surgery. You should actively drink more water to cleanse the body. Provide adequate nutrients for the body through fresh vegetables and fruits Abstain from using foods that affect the wound such as sticky rice, water spinach, chicken, beef, seafood, stimulants in the body. 1 month after surgery. Should not sit or lie in place for a long time, but should walk gently to circulate blood in the body. Try to sleep on your back to fix the shape of your nose for the first month after surgery. Follow your doctor's prescription for outpatient postoperative care and follow-up appointments on time. When experiencing unusual problems or discomfort after rhinoplasty with Surgiform cartilage, you should immediately contact a specialist for advice and timely treatment. Above is some information about Surgiform cartilage rhinoplasty. Please follow the website: Vinmec.com regularly to update many other useful information.

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