What is ingrown armpit hair?

Underarm hair makes many women uncomfortable and affects their appearance. Therefore, many people have used tools to shave their armpit hair. However, shaving can lead to ingrown armpit hair.

1. What is ingrown armpit hair?

Instead of growing on the outside of the skin, ingrown armpit hair grows inward and curls. One of the common reasons leading to this condition is shaving. When armpit hair grows inward, it can cause the skin there to be inflamed, swollen, and painful.
Most ingrown armpit hair does not require treatment, however, this condition can be uncomfortable and make women feel self-conscious and embarrassed. To limit ingrown armpit hair, women should avoid using tools to shave, instead can wax.
Underarm hair growth, if prolonged, will become chronic, which can lead to infection (when accidentally scratching the skin), darkening, permanent keloid scars, razor bumps.

2. What causes ingrown armpit hair?

Ingrown armpit hair can be caused by the following reasons and is common in the following subjects:
People with curly, thick, coarse and stiff hair. Damaged, dead skin causes hair follicles to become blocked. Excessive hair growth due to high sex hormones. Pseudo-folliculitis includes swelling after shaving or waxing underarms. After shaving the armpit hair and causing the skin in the armpit to be stretched, creating conditions for ingrown hairs. Pull out armpit hair is broken, under the skin surface there is still a piece of hair and they grow inward.
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Sau khi cạo lông nách có thể tạo điệu kiện cho lông nách mọc ngược

3. Characteristics of ingrown armpit hair

When underarm hair grows back, it can cause the following symptoms:
Pustules, small round and solid bumps at the site of ingrown hairs. The underarm area in the skin is dark, itchy, painful. See the hair growing below the surface of the skin. If the ingrown armpit hair is accompanied by the following symptoms, the patient should see a doctor for examination and advice:
Ingrown armpit hair for a long time, chronic. Hirsutism, excessive hair growth due to hormonal abnormalities.

4. Ingrown armpit hair what to do?

Ingrown armpit hair can be examined by a doctor and detected. To treat this condition, the doctor can apply the following ways:
Laser hair removal: This method helps to remove hair or hair that grows deep, while limiting their overgrowth. Exfoliators: Some medications contain retinoids that are applied to the skin to remove and exfoliate dead skin cells. For the group of subjects at risk of ingrown armpit hair due to thick and black skin, this drug also works to reduce skin thickening. Anti-inflammatory creams: In addition to exfoliants, some steroid creams are also prescribed by dermatologists to treat this condition. Oral medications, creams for infection: When armpit hair grows inward and causes inflammation and itching that can lead to infection, the patient can be prescribed an antibiotic cream by a dermatologist to reduce the infection. Oral antibiotics are indicated in cases of more severe infections.
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Loại bỏ lông bằng laser là một trong các phương pháp triệt lông nách hiện nay

5. How to limit and control ingrown armpit hair?

Completely ingrown armpit hair can be limited and controlled by the following ways:
Before shaving: Use a clean soft towel to wipe the underarm area to be shaved, then use a brush with fine bristles to rotate the hair area Need to handle. In addition, you can use warm water or use gel to lubricate the skin to be shaved. While shaving: It is recommended to use a razor with a single, sharp blade to shave, but care should be taken to avoid shaving too hard and not to shave clean, close and deep. Shave in the same direction as armpit hair growth. In case of using an electric razor, avoid contact with the skin surface. After shaving: You can use a cool towel to cover the skin to reduce skin irritation, wash the knife after shaving. If you see armpit hair growing inward, you can use a small needle, disinfect the needle to gently remove the hair. Avoid waxing, plucking, or shaving until the underarm hair growth into the skin has subsided. Besides, limiting shaving is also a way to help reduce the risk of armpit hair growing inward, causing inflammation and pain. Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you know how to recognize ingrown armpit hair as well as how to properly care for the underarm skin, minimizing damage.

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