What is mechanical exfoliation?

Our skin cells will die and be gradually replaced by new cells. However, for some reasons, dead cells are difficult to slough off, they need to be supported by exfoliation measures. One of them is mechanical exfoliation. So what is mechanical exfoliation?

1. Why do we have to exfoliate?

According to the normal biological mechanism of the skin, the keratinizing cells on the top of the skin surface will die and be replaced by new cells in the lower layer (called the circadian cycle of the skin). This cycle usually lasts from 30-45 days, the younger the person, the shorter the skin regeneration cycle, or can be understood that the skin is always renewed.
Therefore, young people often have shiny and smooth skin. But the older you get, the longer this biological cycle of the skin lasts, the slower the skin renews.
However, when the stratum corneum on the skin has finished its role, it needs to be peeled off, but they cannot be easily peeled off because there is a layer of "sticky substance" between them to keep. So we need the step of exfoliation.
If the skin is not exfoliated regularly, these dead skin cells will accumulate on the surface, the skin will become rougher, rough, dull, clogged pores, making the skin prone to acne. , more susceptible to infection.
On the other hand, dead cells on the skin also prevent the nutrients in skin care products from penetrating inside, thereby unable to promote optimal effects.
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Tẩy tế bào chết cơ học là gì
Tẩy da chết cơ học là phương pháp loại bỏ các tế bào chết khá an toàn

2. What is Mechanical Exfoliation?

Mechanical exfoliation is a method of removing dead skin cells that is quite safe for the skin, very simple, easy to do and can be applied to all skin types from normal skin to the most sensitive skin.
Mechanical exfoliation is a more "advanced" form of cleansing steps that help remove dead cells, excess oil and dirt hidden in the pores that makeup and cleansing steps don't can be fully implemented. Mechanical exfoliation helps users "change their skin" to own smooth, even and healthy skin day by day.
Mechanical exfoliation, also known as physical exfoliation, is a method recommended by many dermatologists and skin care brands due to its high safety, ease of use and good basic needs. It is the removal of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

2.1. Exfoliating granules (scrub form)

Granular exfoliation (also known as scrub) is a form of using cosmetics with tiny particles to rub and clean the surface of the skin, thereby removing dead skin cells. Depending on the type of cosmetic, the size of the particles, the way the product is massaged on the skin, and the time of use, the results of exfoliation can be different.
Due to the characteristic of granular exfoliation method is to directly remove excess skin on the surface, so this is a product for immediate effect immediately after use, the skin will be brighter, smooth and soft. noticeably more commercial.
At this time, the pores are also more open, the excess oil will be removed significantly, this is also the reason why so many people love to use the granular exfoliation method.
When using, we can choose natural products, organic cosmetics, pharmaceuticals... or use some available natural ingredients such as black sugar, sea salt, oats, etc. matcha powder, rice bran ... helps to exfoliate the skin in the safest way.
However, the mechanical exfoliation method also has some disadvantages, if the product is not selected properly, the particle size is too large, which will cause the skin to be scratched and damaged. Evenly massaging your hands when exfoliating mechanically so that the skin is not scratched is also something to pay attention to when using.
Some scrub products contain microbeads, which are hard to see with the naked eye, insoluble, so when discharged into the marine environment through the wastewater treatment system , these particles will seriously affect the ecosystem, so users should not choose these products to contribute to environmental protection.
Tẩy tế bào chết cơ học là gì
Tẩy da chết dạng hạt (hay còn gọi là dạng scrub)

2.2. Peel off dead skin

Similar to granular exfoliation, mechanical exfoliation in the form of peeling gel also has the effect of removing excess skin on the skin directly. The biggest difference with this type of mechanical exfoliant is that most products are usually in liquid gel form and contain few particles. Peeling gel will take advantage of the reaction between the polymer fibers (silicon) and the oil in the product along with the excess oil on the skin to remove dead skin cells.
When massaging the product on the skin, it will help remove excess oil in the pores, from which the dirt also follows the product out, so after use, the skin will usually be a little red due to the dead skin layer. is removed to reveal the young skin underneath, the skin will look brighter, it feels smoother to the touch.
However, mechanical peeling gel products often contain silicones, so people with sensitive skin need to be careful. Before exfoliating, users need to remove makeup and wash their face thoroughly.

3. Be careful when using physical exfoliators

Scrub-type mechanical exfoliation: need to be used on wet skin surface to avoid Scrub particles from much friction on the skin causing scratches and damage to the skin surface. Peeling mechanical exfoliation: for this type, it should be used on dry skin, because silicone only works effectively when in contact with excess oil on the skin, after feeling the skin is clean enough, then use it. water for rinsing. If the user has too thin skin, sensitive skin, exfoliation should only be done once a week. If the user has dry skin, normal skin or oily skin, exfoliation is an indispensable step, so it should be done about 2-3 times a week.
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