What is spaceship whitening? Is that good?

White bath spaceship uses infrared rays to help nutrients penetrate deep into the skin, supporting bright white skin. In addition, it also helps stimulate collagen production, regenerate skin cells, making skin look stronger.

1. What is spaceship whitening?

The spaceship whitening bath uses infrared rays that are diffused at a frequency of 3-3.8J on the skin to destroy melanin and bring nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin layers, thereby helping to effectively whiten the skin.
Tắm trắng phi thuyền sử dụng tia hồng ngoại giúp chăm sóc da hiệu quả
Besides, the spaceship whitening bath also helps to stimulate natural collagen production to regenerate skin structure, support firming and rejuvenating skin.

2. Should the spacecraft be whitewashed?

The spaceship whitening bath with many outstanding advantages has brought many positive effects to the skin, specifically as follows:
Turn on skin tone: Infrared rays from the spacecraft machine help absorb nutrients 5 times more effectively compared with normal skin whitening. This helps you quickly get white, even skin tone without having to go to the spa many times. Anti-aging: Infrared rays also help boost collagen production, thereby giving you strong, fresh skin. Safety: Spaceship whitening uses photothermal heat waves that are tailored to each skin instead of chemical peels, thus, bringing back bright white skin in a safe way. Folliculitis treatment: The spaceship whitening bath helps to unclog pores, clean and reduce inflammation, ingrown hairs. Preventing tanning: The spaceship whitening bath is supplemented with vitamins C, vitamin E and beneficial acids for the skin to help keep the skin healthy to withstand the effects of the external environment.

3. Effect after whitening the spaceship

The effect after the spaceship whitening comes sooner or later depending on the nature of the skin and the ability to respond to the treatment. This will be carefully consulted by experts, based on your skin characteristics to give a suitable treatment course.
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However, most people turn on the skin color from 3 to 4 tones, the skin is white and pink and maintains the whiteness for a long time.

4. Who can whiten the spaceship?

The spaceship whitening bath can be safely applied on subjects aged 15 and over who want to have bright skin without using chemical peels. Especially those who have skin color problems: Congenital black skin, uneven skin tone, dark skin, tanned skin, dry skin, bruised skin caused by insect stings.

5. The process of whitening the spaceship

The spaceship whitening bath for each session lasts from 100 to 120 minutes and goes through the following steps:
Step 1: Exfoliate dead cells and toxins on the surface of the skin, combine with gentle massage to help relax the body Step 2: Apply high quality skin whitening cream combined with gentle massage to increase penetration. Step 3: Incubate with cold annealing film to support moisture lock, white lock. Step 4: Apply whitening essence combined with gentle massage to increase penetration. Step 5: Apply nutrients and use Hi-Shine 3D spaceship incubation technology for 30 minutes to penetrate deep into the skin, break down melanin pigment and eliminate it outside the skin. Step 6: Apply a high-quality cream to make the skin smooth and shiny. The spaceship whitening bath brings a lot of benefits to make the skin more beautiful and rosy. However, choosing a reputable spaceship whitening facility is more important than anything else.
Vinmec-View Aesthetic Center is based on the Aesthetic Department of Vinmec Times City International Hospital. This is a prestigious and reliable address in skin care, bringing beauty to customers with the following advantages:
Vinmec's team of doctors and aesthetic technicians are professionally trained and have long experience. years in the field of cosmetic internal medicine. A team of experienced and specialized doctors ensures the quality of surgery. Taking "safety" as a development foundation, in 15 years of establishment and operation, View has not had any plastic surgery complications, is the place to send beauty care of many famous artists. Korea

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