Beware of blood clotting disorders during pregnancy

Blood clotting often occurs in pregnant women, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers with deficiency of clotting factors, especially factors VIII, IX, XI will cause coagulation disorders. So how dangerous is a woman's blood clotting disorder during pregnancy?

1. Risk of blood clotting disorders in women

The following situations will have a higher risk of developing a clotting disorder than others:
Women who have had an unexplained miscarriage before the 10th week of the 10th week, or after the third week 10 miscarriages of unknown cause; Women who have had a stillbirth; Women born prematurely before 34 weeks due to preeclampsia syndrome or placental abnormalities; Women who have had blood clots during pregnancy; Women who have experienced coagulopathy during pregnancy need to tell their doctor to perform blood clotting tests. To have a safe and healthy pregnancy, timely detection and treatment is essential.

2. Symptoms of blood clotting disorder during pregnancy

The telltale signs of blood clots during pregnancy depend on the lack of clotting factors (proteins) in the blood clots that form.
The formation of blood clots in pregnant women is due to an increase in the hormone estrogen and changes in the veins. Some common symptoms of this phenomenon are shortness of breath, chest pain, sudden swelling or pain in the legs or arms.
If the blood clotting disorder is more severe, there may be bleeding on impact or trauma, heart palpitations, low blood pressure...

3. Is blood clotting disorder during pregnancy dangerous?

Chụp số hóa xóa nền chống chỉ định cho người mắc bệnh rối loạn đông máu
Rối loạn đông máu khi mang thai cần được phát hiện sớm và điều trị kịp thời

Blood clotting disorder is a dangerous disease, especially for women during pregnancy. Normally, pregnant women can live with this disease, but if this condition is prolonged and untreated, it will affect the health of the pregnant mother as well as the fetus. Blood clotting disorders can lead to the death of both mother and baby.
Some dangerous complications for pregnant women when suffering from blood clotting disorders:
The growth of the fetus in the uterus is restricted: the baby will be born smaller than usual; Silent, random bleeding: Fibrinigen is lost in the blood clot, the placenta and uterus are damaged by clotting factors and platelets, putting both mother and baby at risk Amniotic fluid is blocked. : It is only when the fetus is dead that this complication is recognized. This complication occurs when the doctor performs amniocentesis, removes the fetus or cesarean section. Manifestations of this complication in pregnant women are heart palpitations, decreased blood pressure, causing pulmonary embolism causing pulmonary artery to increase, venous blood pressure also increases; Placenta insufficiency: the placenta develops in the uterus. The role of the placenta is to provide nutrients and oxygen to the fetus through the umbilical cord. The placenta will not function when it is weakened, causing the baby not to receive enough nutrients and lack of oxygen; Preeclampsia syndrome: usually appears after the 20th week of pregnancy. For women with high blood pressure that makes organs such as the liver and kidneys unable to function properly, pre-eclampsia syndrome can occur soon after pregnancy; Risk of premature birth: the baby can be born before 37 weeks of pregnancy Risk of miscarriage and infection in the mother: The fetus can die in utero before 28 weeks of pregnancy. When the tissues are necrotic and released to the outside, causing an infection in the mother during pregnancy. Blood clotting disorders during pregnancy are very dangerous. During childbirth, it is very difficult to stop bleeding. It is necessary to perform a blood clotting test during pregnancy for early diagnosis, regular monitoring and timely treatment to avoid dangerous complications during pregnancy for both mother and child.
Maternity care program at Vinmec International General Hospital includes all methods of examination and diagnosis of problems that may be dangerous for pregnancy, including diagnoses of blood clotting disorders during pregnancy and necessary interventions to protect the health of mother and baby.
For all information about maternity and childbirth services at Vinmec Hospital, please contact the hospitals and clinics of Vinmec Health system nationwide.

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