Blood type O: What you need to know

Human blood was first classified into four types in the first decade of the 1900s by Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner. Many studies suggest that blood type characteristics can also affect a person's health and personality. The following article will talk in more detail about blood group O.

1. Blood group classification

Personal blood group information is no longer a secret when knowing about the patient's blood type is extremely necessary for blood transfusion, especially in case of emergency injury or surgery, the patient will be injured. There is a lot of blood loss, so it is necessary to compensate with the blood of the donors, otherwise it will be life-threatening.
Currently, there are two main blood group systems, the ABO blood group system and the Rhesus blood group system. The ABO blood group system is classified into 4 groups as O, A, B and AB based on the presence or not of A and B antigens on the surface of red blood cells and anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma. The Rhesus blood group system is divided into two groups, Rh+ and Rh-, which are distinguished based on the presence of Rh antigens on the surface of red blood cells. Rh antibodies are immunological antibodies that appear only after transfusion of different blood groups and gradually increase in subsequent transfusions.

2. Is blood type O rare?

Nhóm máu O
Nhóm máu O có hiếm không?
The four main blood types are A, B, O or AB, and each can be positive or negative. In the United States, the ratio of blood types is as follows:
30% blood group A + 6% blood group A- 9% blood type B + 2% blood type B- 4% blood group AB + 1% blood group AB- 39% blood type O + 9% blood type O- About 82% of the population in the United States has RhD-positive blood. The rarest blood group is AB negative.
In Vietnam, this ratio is: group O about 42.1%, group B about 30.1%, group A about 21.2% and group AB about 6.6%. Up to 99.96% of people are Rh+ (or O+ or B+ or A+ or AB+, in descending order) but only 0.04%-0.07% of people are Rh- (or O- or B- or A- or AB-).

3. What should blood group O eat?

People with blood type O should focus on eating more protein, like a paleo or low-carbohydrate diet.
Meat (especially lean meat and seafood for weight loss) Fish Vegetables (broccoli, spinach and kelp are good for weight loss) Fruit Olive oil O blood type diet should also be is combined with aerobic exercise.
Foods to avoid with blood type O: A light or low carbohydrate diet is recommended for people with blood type O, such as to avoid: Wheat, corn, legumes, kidney beans or kidney beans , milk, caffeine and alcohol.
Nhóm máu O
Ngô là một trong những thực phẩm nhóm máu O cần tránh

4. Effect of blood type on personality

The effect of blood type on humans is debated and continues to be studied by scientists, but this is very common in some countries, especially Japan. Television shows, newspapers and magazines often publish blood type symbols, and blood type symbols are used in Japanese manga, anime, and video games that refer to the characters' blood type characteristics. The Japanese believe that people with blood type O are generous, passionate, sociable and financially successful and the ideal lover is suitable for people of type O and A.

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