Consulting, treating gastrointestinal diseases and cancer with expert Aleksei Bogdanov

Every Thursday and Friday, a leading specialist in gastroenterology and cancer treatment will have a working schedule at Hai Phong International General Hospital. In addition, customers who book an appointment to visit will enjoy attractive incentives from the hospital.

Discount 70% on expert examination fee, only 450,000 VND 20% off test and scan fee (applicable when ordered from a specialist)

Expert Aleksei is currently working at Vinmec Times City International General Hospital. Before that, he worked at many large hospitals in Russia, including the Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Russian Federation.
With 14 years of experience and well-trained in the US and UK, expert Aleksei Bogdanov has successfully performed more than 3,700 surgeries and has deep expertise in the treatment of common cancer conditions such as:
Colon cancer Rectal cancer Stomach cancer Breast cancer Cervical cancer Expert Aleksei has special strengths in gastrointestinal pathology and is proficient in many techniques such as:
Surgery to remove benign tumors Calculation Colectomy surgery Anterior transabdominal rectal resection Small bowel resection, ileostomy Thoracoscopy

Until January 30, 2019, customers who come to Vinmec Hai Phong will have the opportunity to visit and consult with experienced Gastroenterology and Oncology specialist Aleksei Bogdanov.
If you have symptoms such as abdominal pain, weight loss, feeling tired, long-term constipation or diarrhea, please book an appointment right on the website for service.

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