Excessive hair loss: When is the disease?

Pathological hair loss can be caused by many causes, which can be caused by local and systemic diseases. To achieve safe treatment effectiveness, patients should see a dermatologist.

1. What is pathological hair loss?

Physiological hair loss: Normally, each hair can live about 8 months to 5 years. So, in a life cycle, hair will gradually age, weaken and fall is normal.
A healthy person can lose between 50 and 100 hairs/day. After hair loss, a new amount of hair will be grown to replace, compensate for the number of hairs that have been lost to ensure a stable thickness for the hair.
Pathological hair loss: When the amount of hair loss is more than 100 hairs/day, it is called alopecia areata. Identify pathological hair loss through some signs such as:
Loss of hair a lot (over 100 hairs/day), especially when shampooing, waking up and when brushing and combing hair, the amount of hair clinging to the hair is more than usual often. My hair grows, weak, thin, curly or even no hair grows. Thin, sparse hair can clearly see the scalp in women. Hair falls out in patches, which can cause mild male pattern baldness.

2. Diseases that cause hair loss

The causes of hair loss are usually due to an imbalance of male or female hormonal factors, stress, stress, genetic factors, lack of nutrition, abuse of beauty chemicals...
However, hair loss can be due to the following medical causes:
Thyroid disease Thyroid disease causes an imbalance of thyroid hormone in the body. Hypothyroidism causes decreased hormone levels, underactive thyroid gland; Or hyperthyroidism, the body produces too much hormone, the thyroid gland is overactive.
Hair loss is one of the typical signs of thyroid disease. When the amount of thyroid hormone is out of balance, it will interfere with the metabolism, leading to many inactive hair follicles, from which hair grows less and becomes thinner.
Scalp Inflammatory Disease The hair fungus parasitic on the dead cells of the hair and they easily spread to the entire scalp. Leads to various types of scalp inflammation, infection .... makes hair thinning, easy to fall out. If ringworm is not treated, it can cause large patches of hair loss and can lead to baldness.
Immune system disorders (autoimmune diseases) When the immune system is disturbed, the body may mistake hair follicles for foreign invaders, leading to the body forming antibodies to eliminate cells. hair follicles. In particular, the hair germ cells are damaged, leading to the process of hair loss coming faster and earlier than usual.
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome In women, polycystic ovary syndrome causes a hormone imbalance that causes the body to produce too many male hormones instead of female hormones. This disease often causes a lot of hair loss, while hair on the face and other parts of the body grows more than necessary.
Hội chứng buồng trứng đa nang gây tình trạng rụng tóc
Anemia, lack of nutrients The process of growing hair consumes a lot of nutrients to have a strong hair, while in women, it is easy to lack blood and important nutrients such as zinc, protein, iron... menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth or an inadequate meal. When the nutritional content is inadequate, the hair germ cells are deprived of nourishment, lack of vitality, weak hair growth and easier to fall out than usual.

3. Hair loss examination and treatment at Vinmec Hai Phong

When there is a lot of hair loss, widespread application of ineffective remedies, customers can go to Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital for examination and treatment.
Customers choose Vinmec Hai Phong hospital after being examined and evaluated for hair loss damage by a dermatologist, the customer is treated for hair loss by injecting drugs directly into the lesion. Safe and effective treatment, bringing aesthetic value to customers, has been popular in dermatology.
Treatment of hair loss by injection at the lesion:
Subjects apply Hair loss in patches. Diffuse hair loss. Contraindications Hair loss with scarring. Cushing's syndrome or pseudo-Cushing. Prolonged menstrual disorders, severe acne. Gastro-duodenal disease is progressive. Having chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure. Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or fungal infections, immunosuppression. Pregnant or lactating women. Advantages when doing at Vinmec Hai Phong
Điều trị tại Vinmec Hải Phòng có nhiều ưu điểm
Simple, safe, reasonable cost. Safe and effective measures. Use Triamcinolone acetonide at the prescribed concentration to inject into the affected area A sterile environment, safe for the patient. The effectiveness and safety of the method depends on the skill of the doctor. Specialist Doctor I Le Thi Thu Hang - Dermatologist, Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital. With 10 years of experience in the field of Dermatology. Especially experienced in the treatment of adult and pediatric skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, autoimmune and rare skin diseases, the doctor was trained in France.

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