Eye surgeries performed at Vinmec hospital

The Department of Ophthalmology, Vinmec Times City General Hospital inherits the comprehensive infrastructure of Vinmec International Hospital and a leading ophthalmology team providing eye examination, treatment and surgery services with high quality ophthalmic techniques, specializes in bringing efficiency and peace of mind to customers. Let's learn about ophthalmic surgeries performed at Vinmec International General Hospital in the article below.

1. Phaco surgery

Phaco surgery uses ultrasound to pulverize and separate the cloudy lens and then aspirate it through a small incision without stitches, replacing it with another artificial lens. This is the safest, most effective and most advanced cataract surgery method available today.
Vinmec uses the most modern phaco surgical machine, Centurion, with high safety, effective dispersion, good energy balance. With a small incision < 2.2 mm, no stitches, no bleeding, no pain, minimizing the possibility of astigmatism and postoperative complications, helping vision recover quickly.
Using the highest quality replacement lenses available today, Vinmec Times City International Hospital is the first hospital in Vietnam to provide a box and card that ensures information and quality about the lens. create for customers:
Good adhesion, minimize the displacement in the eyes. The special design minimizes the incidence of secondary posterior capsular opacities. Intra-capsular stability provides the best possible vision. Capable of filtering blue light, filtering UV - which are harmful rays to the retina, causing macular degeneration (AMD) 100% new disposable surgical consumables set, ensuring safety Totally high in surgery
Các phẫu thuật mắt được thực hiện ở bệnh viện Vinmec
Vinmec sử dụng thủy tinh thể thay thế với chất lượng cao nhất hiện nay

2. Corneal transplant

Corneal transplant is a high technique in ophthalmology, using donor cornea to replace pathological tissue of people with corneal disease in order to improve the anatomical structure of the eyeball and restore vision. Vinmec is one of the first private hospitals in the North to implement routine corneal transplantation in the treatment of diseases: Corneal dystrophy; Central corneal degeneration; Scars, corneal opacity; Corneal ulceration threatening perforation or perforation, ulcerative keratitis unresponsive to drug therapy and potentially threatening ocular integrity; Corneal puncture injury.

3. Ortho Method

Ortho K is a non-surgical treatment for progressive nearsightedness that uses a type of contact lens specifically designed to be worn at night while you sleep. These lenses will gently change the shape of the corneal surface so that the next morning when you wake up and remove the lenses, people with nearsightedness will have the most natural vision to perform all daily activities. do not have to wear glasses or contact lenses of any kind. In addition, OrthoK helps prevent increased myopia due to a special optical mechanism, reducing the risk of retinal degeneration complications caused by high myopia.
Vinmec uses Ortho-K contact lenses from the United States and Japan with the world's leading quality and reputation.
A team of experts who are well-trained according to international standards, specializing in ophthalmic refraction In addition to providing Ortho K contact lenses suitable for each patient, Vinmec also provides consultation and care services. The package helps the process of using and treating with glasses achieve the best effect. >>>See more: Ortho-K
Các phẫu thuật mắt được thực hiện ở bệnh viện Vinmec
Vinmec sử dụng sản phẩm kính áp tròng Ortho-K có chất lượng và uy tín hàng đầu thế giới

4. Surgery to treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma (also called optic nerve head) is a chronic, clinically progressive disease of the optic nerve that is characterized by visual field impairment, optic disc atrophy, and is often associated with a high eye pressure condition. Because the etiology of the disease is unknown, it is not possible to prevent glaucoma. However, glaucoma-related blindness can be prevented by early detection, appropriate treatment, and regular monitoring.
Glaucoma package at Vinmec will perform a comprehensive examination and appoint surgery (if any) for customers with Glaucoma symptoms.
Vinmec uses the latest retinal and optic nerve tomography machines today, allowing accurate assessment of damage to the retina, macula and optic nerve. In addition, modern software allows assessment and monitoring of disease progression from the smallest changes. 100% new set of surgical consumables, 1 person/ 1 set, used only once => Ensure high safety in surgery.
>>> See more: Glaucoma package at Vinmec

4. Some other surgery/procedure

Biofilm transplantation to treat diseases of the eyeball surface requiring biofilm transplantation Surgery to treat diseases of the lacrimal sac: lacrimal reshaping, lacrimal silicone tube placement to treat stenosis and obstruction of the lacrimal duct, anastomosis of the lacrimal sac through skin incision or endoscopically.... Treatment of diseases of lacrimal gland: inflammation, obstruction, purulent lacrimal.... Other secondary surgery: Dream, entropion, strabismus, drooping eyelid.... Surgery. autologous mortemectomy Eyelid care package Screening for refractive errors Screening for retinal tomography (OCT) and anterior segment, fundus photography, corneal mapping....
Các phẫu thuật mắt được thực hiện ở bệnh viện Vinmec
Vinmec Times City cung cấp đầy đủ các dịch vụ khám, điều trị và phẫu thuật mắt

5. Why should you choose eye surgery at Vinmec?

Team of experts, leading ophthalmologists with experience in many fields
Các phẫu thuật mắt được thực hiện ở bệnh viện Vinmec
Đội ngũ nhân sự quy tụ các chuyên gia dày dặn kinh nghiệm trong khám, tư vấn, điều trị, phẫu thuật nhãn khoa
The first and only hospital in Vietnam that is committed to the quality of cataract surgery by providing boxes and cards that ensure information and quality of artificial lenses, ensuring European standards for use. Surgical supplies One of the first private hospitals in the North to deploy routine corneal transplantation in the treatment of Vinmec diseases using Ortho-K contact lenses from the United States and Japan with high quality. world-class quality and reputation.

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