11 ways to suppress cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods

The article is professionally consulted by Master, Doctor Le Thi Minh Huong - Emergency Medicine Doctor - Department of Resuscitation - Emergency - Vinmec Nha Trang International General Hospital.
Cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods are a big deal if they happen too much, too often, because of the long-term health consequences it causes.

1. What are cravings?

A craving (craving) is a strong, even uncontrolled desire for food. This desire is much stronger than the usual feeling of hunger. The type of food that cravings are directed at varies greatly from person to person, but the most common are junk foods and processed foods with a high sugar content.
Food cravings can be selective or non-selective. Selective cravings are cravings for certain foods, usually preferred foods. Non-selective cravings are the desire to eat any food, but it can also be a sign of thirst. Drinking water can help with non-selective cravings.
Craving is the biggest obstacle for people who are practicing maintaining a diet, and it is also one of the main reasons why people who want to lose weight cannot lose weight or even give up intention to lose weight.

2. Ways to help control cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods

Cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods are not a small problem for both the average person and those who are maintaining their own diets, because of the long-term health consequences that can not be found. It causes. However, the following 11 ways can help prevent or control cravings when they arise:
2.2 Drink water Feeling thirsty, sometimes confused with hunger or cravings, is perceived by the body. not always accurate. If you suddenly have an urge, craving for a certain food, the first thing to do is to drink a large glass of water, then wait for a few minutes. Most likely that feeling of desire will disappear, because the body has actually experienced thirst, needs to drink water, not wants to eat. Besides the ability to reduce appetite, support weight loss process, drinking enough water also brings many benefits to human health.
Cảm giác thèm ăn
Cảm giác thèm ăn

2.2 Eat more protein In the composition of the meal, if you eat more protein, it will help the body feel fuller, maintain a feeling of fullness longer, reduce hunger and cravings, thereby limiting food intake. eat too much. A study done on overweight teenage girls found that giving them a high-protein breakfast significantly reduced food cravings in children. Another study in overweight men concluded that increasing the protein content of the diet to ensure that protein provides 25% of total energy needs can reduce the likelihood of cravings by up to 60%. Moreover, the desire to snack at night is also reduced by up to 50%.
2.3 Change the direction of attention when cravings appear When cravings appear, change your attention in another direction, for example, maybe taking a walk around your place, or having a meal. can take a bath. The change in space and activity helps to change thinking and attention, thereby redirecting focus away from cravings, to control cravings when it occurs. Some studies even show that chewing gum can help reduce cravings, reduce the occurrence of cravings.
Thay đổi hướng chú ý khi xuất hiện cơn thèm ăn
Thay đổi hướng chú ý khi xuất hiện cơn thèm ăn
2.4 Plan your meals in advance If possible, do a meal plan a day in advance or even plan a week, because after planning, what to eat, how much to eat, How to eat is well-defined, thereby eliminating the factors of randomness or uncertainty in eating, and not having to think about what to eat at the next meal also reduces the likelihood of triggering a seizure. appetite, thereby limiting the occurrence of cravings.
2.5 Avoid letting the body go hungry Being hungry is one of the biggest reasons why the body has cravings. To avoid hunger, maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and if you can't control your cravings, choose healthy foods. If you eat a balanced and reasonable diet, your body is not hungry, the likelihood of cravings will decrease.
2.6 Reduce stress in life Stress affects eating habits, causing eating disorders, including cravings, especially in women. Therefore, try to reduce stress, find methods to balance spirit and life.
2.7 Using spinach extract Spinach leaf extract through some studies shows that if used with a content of 3.7 - 5 g with meals, it has the effect of reducing appetite for a few days. clock hours.
2.8 Get enough sleep One of the causes of cravings is hormonal changes, and lack of sleep has been shown to cause hormonal imbalances, so getting enough sleep is one of the methods. The most effective way to prevent cravings from appearing.
Ngủ đủ giấc
Ngủ đủ giấc giúp ngăn chặn cơn thèm ăn xuất hiện
2.9 Practice a reasonable, balanced diet Lack of nutrients, leaving the body hungry are factors that trigger cravings. Therefore, practicing a balanced, reasonable diet so that the body is always well-nourished and not hungry is the key to preventing cravings from appearing. If you can't control your cravings, choose healthy foods, such as fruits, nuts, sprouts or green vegetables.
2.10 Don't go shopping when you're hungry Supermarkets and grocery stores are places you shouldn't go when you're hungry, because those places are full of unhealthy foods, and in addition, it's difficult to eat while hungry. control yourself when food is so accessible.
Không đi mua đồ khi đói bụng
Không đi mua đồ khi đói bụng
2.10 Enjoying the right meal Enjoying the right meal is one of the methods to help prevent cravings from appearing. When eating, relax, relax your body, eat slowly, slowly and enjoy the full flavor of the meal. Avoiding factors that affect meals, such as phones, televisions,... Enjoying a meal properly helps the body feel the value of the meal, helps the digestive system work better, helps The body feels full of energy and thereby prevents cravings from appearing.
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