Avoid reoccurrence after surgery: What you need to know

The article was professionally consulted by Specialist Doctor I Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi - Ophthalmologist - General Surgery Department - Vinmec Nha Trang International General Hospital.
Normally, after surgery to treat myopia, the eyes have the ability to stabilize for life, but there are some cases of myopia re-occurrence after surgery due to a number of causes and factors. To limit this re-myopia, pay attention to some problems before and after surgery.
A number of eye surgery methods to treat refractive errors have proven to be effective, safe and rarely have complications, each method is suitable for certain subjects, in which lasik surgery method. quite popular and popular. However, there are some notes about surgery for refractive errors, with lasik surgery the goal is to regain clear vision and reduce the dependence of the disease on vision correction devices such as glasses, contact lenses, not lenses. does not help the eyes completely get rid of myopia. In addition, after surgery, patients are still at risk of re-myopia due to many factors. To avoid re-appearance, before and after surgery need to pay attention to the following issues

1. Before surgery

It is recommended to have regular assessment of myopia status every 6 months before deciding to operate at least 1 year: One of the causes of re-myopia is the unstable degree of myopia at the time of surgery. myopia increased by no more than 0.75 diopters within 1 year), patients often do not have the habit of regular follow-up, so when the doctor prescribes taking history to assess the stability of myopia, it is difficult to accurately determine. Therefore, before surgery, it is advisable to periodically re-examine to monitor the status of myopia. Need to go to reputable medical facilities for advice to exclude cases with contraindications to this surgical method: Refractive error surgery has many methods, each method is suitable for certain subjects. determined. Although LASIK surgery is popular, safe and effective, it is not for all patients with myopia, so to know exactly if you are a suitable candidate for which method needs careful examination, because if there is the following indication, the consequences after this are unpredictable to our eyes.
tư vấn mổ mắt
Cần tìm hiểu và kiểm tra tình trạng mắt trước khi quyết định phẫu thuật lasik
For people over 40 years old, surgery is not recommended: Because people over 40 years old, the eyes will age quickly, the possibility of cataracts in the future should be treated at the same time as cataract surgery. . If surgery to treat refractive errors in 40-year-old people will increase the risk of complications and have many unforeseen harms.
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2. After surgery

Protect eyes immediately after surgery Need to wear eye protection glasses all day for at least 3 days, should not wear eye makeup for 1 month, do not let water into the eyes preferably for about 3 months.
Avoid getting soap in your eyes When bathing, or washing your face, be careful not to let detergents get into your eyes after surgery.
Properly use the screen of the phone, computer... When working with the computer screen, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable distance to the eyes from 50cm-65cm. Do not use the most mobile phones at too close distances, in the dark.
Give your eyes a reasonable rest After surgery, if you have to use the computer often, you should divide the time for your eyes to rest to reduce stress and fatigue, alternating with working time, every 20 minutes working with the computer You need to rest your eyes for 2 minutes. During the working day, practice the habit of closing your eyes for a few minutes to rest your eyes after a period of work.
nghỉ ngơi
Nhắm vài phút để mắt nghỉ ngơi khi làm việc với máy tính liên tục
Do not stay up late, get enough sleep When staying up late means that the eyes have to work more, even working in such a dark environment will make the eyes too tired, increasing the risk of re-myopia after surgery. Getting enough sleep from 7 to 8 hours a day is the best way to help your eyes rest.
Proper nutrition Diet should provide enough special nutrients, provide a diet rich in vitamin A to help limit the risk of relapsing, vitamin A is abundant in foods such as animal liver, eggs, red vegetables and fruits such as gac, pumpkin, orange...
Play reasonable sports After 1 week of surgery or more, the patient can relax by doing exercises such as walking, nutrition, yoga...helps to have a better mood and recovery of the eyes. Some strong sports such as martial arts, boxing... cannot be played after surgery.
Use drugs and follow-up as prescribed by the doctor. It is recommended to use drugs to support the regulation and artificial tears after lasik surgery for at least 3 months. In addition, regular check-ups as prescribed by a doctor are necessary to monitor eye problems and use appropriate medication at that time.
In order to minimize the risk of re-myopia after refractive surgery, the first thing is to be examined and advised to choose the right method. After surgery, it is necessary to take good care of eye protection. If you have surgery on your eyes, but you still have a lifestyle that does not allow your eyes to rest, you will have an increased risk of nearsightedness.
Doctor CKI Nguyen Thi Bich Nhi has nearly 10 years of experience in the eye field. Treatment of medical eye diseases as well as eye surgery such as: pterygium, entropion, milia, glaucoma and cataract surgery by Phaco method. Besides, it also treats diabetic retinopathy by intraocular Anti-VEGF injection and ophthalmic surgery. Currently, the doctor is an Eye Doctor in the Department of Medical Examination - Internal Medicine, Vinmec Nha Trang International General Hospital.
To register for examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital, you can contact Vinmec Health System nationwide, or register online HERE.
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