Can using condoms transmit sexually transmitted diseases?

The article was professionally consulted by MSc Nguyen Van Thanh - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vinmec Nha Trang International Hospital.
''Tell me if I can be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B, C. And to know if I am infected or not. How to check and do tests?'' One of the questions about gynecological pathology is sent a lot to Vinmec mailbox. Here are the answers to help you better understand this issue.
Sexually transmitted diseases can be caused by viruses, bacteria and some other microorganisms that are transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact with an infected person.

1. How are sexually transmitted diseases transmitted?

Some sexually transmitted agents live on the skin around the penis, vagina, or anus. You can get STIs if your skin comes into contact with someone who has these infections even if you don't have sex with that person.
Several other agents of sexually transmitted diseases (HIV and hepatitis B) are transmitted by contact with infected blood and secretions.
In general, sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted not only through sexual contact but also through the mouth and damaged skin.

2. Can I get sexually transmitted diseases when using condoms?

Reports show that even if you use 100% condoms, about 3-15% of condoms still leak, spill or have holes in them. Condoms only cover the parts of the area covered by the condom, so there are places where there are no signs of disease but still contain a lot of pathogens, so it is still possible to spread sexually transmitted diseases. sex.
Dùng bao cao su có bị lây bệnh xã hội không?
Dùng bao cao su vẫn có thể lây lan các bệnh lý lây lan qua đường tình dục

3. Signs of illness

Usually, the early stages of STIs are asymptomatic and can only be detected by testing. However, you may have symptoms such as painful urination, unusual discharge, warts, fever, pain during intercourse, and more.
In particular, those symptoms may disappear, but the pathogens still exist and continue to transmit the disease.

4. Can sexually transmitted diseases be cured?

Some STIs can be cured if the causative agent is bacteria or fungi, others if the causative agent is a virus such as herpes zoster, hepatitis B or HIV cannot be completely cured. However, the earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to treat and the less likely it will be to affect you.

5. How do sexually transmitted diseases affect pregnancy?

Some sexually transmitted diseases, especially those caused by viral infections, can pass through the fetus and can cause miscarriage, birth defects, premature birth, fetal malnutrition...

6. How to prevent sexually transmitted diseases

To prevent sexually transmitted diseases, you should have healthy sex with a partner who is also completely free of STIs. In fact, there is no single preventive measure that can guarantee 100% certainty that you will not get STIs.
In order to detect diseases early for effective treatment and avoid complications, Vinmec International General Hospital would like to send to customers a package of screening for social diseases.
Target users
Social disease screening package for all ages, for both men and women.
Clients with risk factors such as unprotected sex, tattooing or injecting drugs, being a patient who has had a blood transfusion or blood products.
The client has certain occupations with risk factors such as: medical staff, barbers, tattooists,...
The client may not have or have the following symptoms:
Pain when urinating , urgency, urge to urinate or urinate more than usual, blood in urine, pus. Vaginal discharge that is abnormal in smell, color, or quantity. Irregular bleeding between 2 menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, prolonged. Vaginal itching. Rash, pimples and skin lesions. Pelvic pain.

7. Why should you choose Vinmec to screen for social diseases?

Dùng bao cao su có bị lây bệnh xã hội không?
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