Causes and treatment of inflammation, peripheral nerve pain

The peripheral nervous system plays an important role in the body, there are many causes that can lead to inflammation, peripheral nerve pain and make the patient suffer from movement and sensory disturbances, in some cases can cause respiratory muscle paralysis, circulatory arrest if treated promptly, there is a risk of death.

1. Peripheral neuritis

Peripheral nerves are nerves that help transmit signals from the brain and spinal cord to organs, muscles, and organs in the body. Peripheral neuritis is caused by nerve damage, which is the cause of peripheral nerve pain, limb paralysis and paresthesias such as numbness, tingling... or loss of sensation.
Peripheral neuritis is often divided into polyneuritis, polyneuritis and inflammation of one or a few peripheral nerves.

2. Causes and symptoms of peripheral neuritis

Due to vitamin B1 deficiency Commonly in people who have a diet of too much milled rice, pregnant women, postpartum women, the diet does not provide enough nutrients...
Peripheral neuritis due to vitamin B1 deficiency gradual progression, initially appeared numbness mainly in the lower extremities, may have cramps or pain in the calves at night, soft white edema in the legs, especially in the legs and feet, then gradually worsened, the patient was weak in walking. In addition, it may be difficult to breathe due to heart failure.
Due to vitamin PP deficiency Inflammation, peripheral nerve pain caused by vitamin P deficiency is a sensory disorder in the limbs, mental disorders such as confusion, dementia with skin symptoms such as erythema .
Dây thần kinh ngoại biên
Dây thần kinh ngoại biên là những dây thần kinh giúp truyền tín hiệu từ não và tủy sống tới các cơ quan, cơ và môn trong cơ thể
Alcoholic polyneuritis Common in people who have been alcoholics for many years, 10 years or more. It begins with sensory disturbances mainly in the legs with numbness or pain and then becomes difficult to walk. People with alcohol-induced peripheral neuritis are often accompanied by tremors, loss of proximal memory and a fabrication called Korsakoff's syndrome, in addition to paralysis of the cranial nerves.
Due to lead poisoning Manifestations of movement disorders are the extensor muscles of the upper extremities, rarely paralysis of the anterolateral muscles of the legs, abdominal cramps, gray rims of the gums, anemia, and sometimes hypertension. .
Arsenic poisoning Symptoms of inflammation, peripheral nerve pain caused by Arsenic poisoning are similar to those caused by alcohol, often accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting. The skin on the backs of the hands and feet is thickened and horny, and the nails are thick.
Due to diphtheria The disease is now rare thanks to the diphtheria vaccine . Uncommon and occasionally seen in cases of malignant diphtheria, due to diphtheria toxin: First, paralysis of the pharyngeal muscles, then paralysis of the eye muscles, and then paralysis of the extremities by the third week or so. fifth, dominant in the two lower limbs.
Diabetes Peripheral neuritis as a complication of diabetes is common. Early clinical manifestations are sensory disturbances in the legs and symmetrical nature, then there are disorders due to hereditary degenerative diseases
In addition, the patient has inflammation, peripheral nerve pain is also due to other causes: high blood urea, hypothyroidism, blood globulin disorder, amyloidosis, cancer... are rare diseases.
Thần kinh ngoại biên
Viêm dây thần kinh ngoại biên do biến chứng của bệnh lý đái tháo đường là thường gặp

3. Treatment of inflammation, peripheral nerve pain

The causes of inflammation and peripheral nerve pain are diverse, and for the correct treatment to be effective, it is necessary to have the correct diagnosis of the cause of the disease. Should not be subjective when suffering from peripheral neuritis because if not treated early, the nerve will not recover, leaving sequelae.
If the cause is cancer, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation is needed. Due to tendinitis: Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce pain and increase nerve conduction. If there is no response, it can be treated with local corticosteroid injections or surgery.
If you have unusual symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

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