Causes of dry eyes

Eye diseases such as dry eyes, vision disorders... are increasingly common. There are many cases of disease but are completely unaware of their own disease status as well as information related to the disease. Understanding the cause of dry eye can help patients improve their condition and take reasonable preventive measures.

1. Problems related to dry eye disease

Dry eye is a condition in which tears are not produced enough to keep the eyes lubricated or when the cool water evaporates too much, it also makes the eyes dry. Dry eyes are quite common in the elderly and especially women.
The specialized gland dependent on the eye's structure performs the role of continuous tear production to protect the surface of the eyeball while maintaining vision. The eye has a frequent self-blinking mechanism and the periocular membrane will quickly be completely covered by the eyeball, and tears are secreted and spread out to lubricate the eyeball. Thanks to tears, foreign bodies or pathogenic microorganisms can hardly enter the eye and cause significant damage to the eye.
The lacrimal gland is underactive or the tears on the surface may evaporate too quickly, possibly due to:
Insufficient tear secretion. Over time, aging also makes the tear glands of the eye less functional. In addition, other causes such as drug use, other diseases... also cause the lacrimal gland to function improperly. When tears are not produced, the surface of the eyeball is not replenished with tears to be protected. Along with climatic conditions such as dry weather, strong winds.... can make tears evaporate faster. Due to an abnormality in the quality of tears or the protective film of the eye affecting the lacrimal gland - the cause of dry eye disease. The tear film with optimal eye protection function is composed of 3 layers which are fat layer, water layer, mucus layer... Substandard tear quality can cause tears to evaporate easily or because the structure of these three layers is not up to the standard, making tears not spread evenly in the eyes

2. Know your dry eye condition

The condition of dry eyes is easy to recognize because the eyes are not lubricated and protected, so the patient often feels dry, burning, eyestrain... often occurs. In addition, patients often experience blurred vision, vision loss right after blinking.
Dry eyes will cause tears to continuously flow, however, dry eye symptoms continue to occur. If the patient in this case can see white discharge on both sides of the eye socket, it should be paid attention. Severe dry eye will cause serious damage to the eyeball, then the vision of the eye will be reduced.
Dry eyes, more severe pink eye indicates a serious lack of tears and may also appear lesions in the eye. Therefore, patients need to detect early and take timely remedial measures to avoid affecting vision.

3. Treatment of dry eyes

Dry eyes is a chronic disease that is not easily cured immediately. Therefore, first treatment is needed to reduce symptoms and help the patient feel comfortable and comfortable. Currently treating dry eye will help to add artificial water while maintaining the tear film on the surface of the eyeball. Perform lacrimation in conjunction with treatment of inflammation of the eyelid or ocular surface.
Add artificial tears: can be done by applying artificial tears. Patients should use artificial tears without preservatives because these compounds can cause eye toxicity when used for a long time. However, in severe cases of dry eyes, the addition of artificial tears is not enough and other additional methods must be applied. Maintaining the tear film to keep the natural amount of tears in the eye longer helps to reduce the symptoms of dry eye. To do this, it is possible to apply some measures to help water flow through the lacrimal gland such as surgery to permanently close the tear point, replace the tear pen with a silicone stopper, etc. In addition, inflammation of the eyelids and surface of the eyelids can be treated. eyeball surface by using ointment prescribed by the doctor and combined with warm compresses, wash the eyelids to help reduce eye inflammation that causes dry eyes Doctors can prescribe eye drops to increase secretion tear. And patients should use natural Omega 3 to combine in the treatment of dry eyes.

4. Measures to help improve and prevent dry eyes

To improve dry eyes, patients can do some care habits to help their eyes work better such as:
Blinking slowly and evenly can be done about 12 to 18 times/minute. The purpose is to evenly spread and create enough moisture for the eyes Limit staying up late, and at the same time ensure a sleep time of 7 to 8 hours a day. Give your eyes a chance to rest and recover. Limit eye exposure to light, dust, wind or polluted environment Follow a nutritious diet and provide foods containing vitamin A such as tomatoes, carrots ... or red tubers, antioxidants, or omega 3 acids... In case you have prolonged dry eyes that affects your health and activities, you should go to medical facilities. specialists for timely intervention.

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