Causes of exposed dentin

Cleft dentin is a common medical condition that seriously affects the aesthetics and oral health. Prolonged exposure of dentin can cause tooth damage, leading to pain, sensitivity or even tooth loss.

1. Structure of dentin

Dentin is the main component of teeth, helping to shape teeth. A healthy tooth has an outermost layer of enamel that covers all of the dentin. Under the dentin layer is the pulp canal and tooth pulp. Natural dentin is pale yellow, porous, has better permeability and elasticity than enamel.

2. Causes of exposed dentin

The main cause of dentin regurgitation is damage to enamel. Enamel is worn away, leaving the underlying dentin layer unprotected. There are two groups of agents, mechanical and pathological.
2.1 Mechanical wear of teeth Improper oral hygiene: brushing too hard horizontally wears down the teeth. Teeth grinding during sleep: strong and continuous grinding force causes the chewing surface to wear down. Genetic factors: affect the quantity and quality of enamel. Eating habits: abuse of highly acidic foods such as soft drinks, lemonade, orange juice,... Dry mouth: the oral cavity secretes less saliva, making the acid stick on the teeth longer, wear it down faster. . Gastro-oesophageal reflux: acid in the stomach backs up into the oral cavity, causing damage to tooth enamel. Regular use of acidic pH chewables: chewing aspirin, chewing vitamin C,... Bad habits: biting your nails, biting hard objects, using your teeth to open cork,... can also damage tooth enamel. 2.2 Pathological wear and tear Enamel hypoplasia: enamel is softer and more fragile than usual. Diseases that cause two teeth to have too much friction such as an eccentric bite. Diseases of the jaw joint such as joint pain, joint pain.
Hình ảnh mô phỏng ngà răng và ngà răng bị hở
Hình ảnh mô phỏng ngà răng và ngà răng bị hở

3. Harm when exposed dentin

Exposed dentin adversely affects oral health. Common symptoms are pain and sensitivity in the teeth. More severe can lead to root destruction, tooth loss.
Cleft dentin also negatively affects the daily life, psychology and aesthetics of the patient. Therefore, patients need to immediately visit a dental clinic to determine the medical condition and have appropriate treatment. Early treatment of dentin cleft helps to avoid dangerous complications to oral health.
3.1 Prevention To prevent dentin from being exposed, patients need to change their oral hygiene and eating habits with a few simple steps as follows:
Brush teeth gently with a soft bristle brush vertically or circle. Do not brush your teeth more than once a day unless absolutely necessary. Using mouthwash and toothpaste containing fluoride strengthens tooth enamel. Limit eating foods with a lot of sugar, starch as well as carbonated drinks, sour juices, etc. Once you know the cause of exposed dentin, you should pay attention in the matter of care. dental care, diet to avoid affecting tooth structure as well as aesthetics later.
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