Chipped teeth, how to fix?

Strong impacts from external factors such as accidental bumps, falls, biting hard objects can affect tooth enamel, causing teeth to chip. Although chipped teeth do not cause serious consequences, but affect the aesthetics and self-esteem in daily communication if the front teeth are chipped. So chipped teeth, how to fix?

1. What is a chipped tooth? Consequences of chipped teeth

The structure of teeth consists of 3 layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp. Enamel is the outermost layer that covers the teeth. Enamel is hard and sturdy, helping to protect the internal tissues, but if there is an impact due to impact, it will easily damage the enamel, the tooth structure is partially broken, called a chipped tooth.
Chipping teeth depending on the extent can cause the dentin and pulp to be exposed, causing sensitivity when eating, especially more uncomfortable if eating foods that are too hot or too cold.
Chipped teeth often occur in the biting edge or incisors, because this is the front of the teeth, most susceptible to impact. Cracking causes teeth to become sharp, which can make soft tissues in the oral cavity vulnerable. Tooth decay also makes it easier for bacteria in the mouth to attack the internal structure of the tooth, causing oral diseases such as tooth decay, pulpitis, ... if left untreated for a long time, tooth inflammation can also cause loss of teeth. tooth.
A chipped tooth makes eating and oral hygiene more inconvenient. Therefore, although a chipped tooth may not cause pain, it is still advisable to see a doctor for a check-up to have the most suitable and effective tooth fix. In addition, chipped teeth also reduce aesthetics.

2. Causes of chipped teeth

There are many causes of chipped teeth, but the main cause is due to a strong impact on the teeth such as:
Injury due to external impacts will cause teeth to chip, causing pain and discomfort. Biting on hard objects such as bottle caps, chopsticks, stones,... Having a previous dental disease when chewing. Having tooth decay is also a cause of chipped and broken teeth, causing pain and discomfort
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Other causes of chipped teeth:
Eating a lot of sweets with high sugar content, eating foods containing a lot of acidic components such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, carbonated soft drinks, ... cause wear and damage easily chipped tooth. Teeth grinding: When you grind your teeth, the two teeth are clenched and strong, which will cause the enamel to wear down, making the teeth weaker.

3. Chipped teeth, how to fix?

If you have chipped teeth, limit touching the chipped area with your hands or tongue to avoid scratching your tongue. Keep the tooth fragments (if big enough) to bring to the clinic for the doctor to seal the tooth.
Rinse your mouth clean and see a dentist for an examination and effective treatment.

4. Some orthodontic remedies for chipped teeth

4.1 Welding chipped teeth Pieces of teeth are chipped, you should put them in a small cup of milk and bring them to the dentist for sealing. The calcium in milk will help protect the chipped teeth.
4.2 Grinding or filling If the chipped tooth cannot be saved or the chipped part is too small, the dentist may perform a filling. This is a method of using composite resin or porcelain to fill the chipped tooth area to reshape the tooth. Uses ultraviolet light to correct and quickly dry and harden the filling.
4.3 Porcelain veneers Use porcelain crowns when the chipped tooth is large. The doctor will consult, examine and choose the right tooth model for each person.
Best when chipped, chipped or have any other problems with your teeth, the first thing you need to do is visit your dentist for a checkup and timely treatment. Besides, you should also pay attention to clean oral hygiene, get tartar periodically to limit tooth decay and many other problems.
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You can also go directly to the Dentist - Jaw - Facial - Vinmec International General Hospital to be examined and examined by doctors and dentists with many years of experience in maxillofacial surgery, Cosmetic dentistry, Implant.... Besides a team of doctors with many years of experience, the hospital also has a system of modern machines and equipment that are put into use to best serve the process. Visitation process
Early intervention and treatment when having dental problems will help overcome the risks and maximize cost savings for customers.

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