Close-up of autologous immunity against cancer

Video content consulted by Dr. Pham Thi Viet Huong - Hematology and Cell Therapy Unit - Vinmec Times City International Hospital

Scientists have proven the role of a healthy immune system in cancer prevention in general and cancer recurrence in particular.

Vinmec Times City Hospital has implemented autologous immunotherapy to support the treatment of cancer patients. To put it simply, the normal immune system will not be strong enough to fight cancer cells, but when cultured, the number of natural immunity will increase thousands of times and become stronger to contribute to repelling cancer cells. cancer cells, and more cancer cells die.
To start autologous immunotherapy in cancer treatment, the client will have a medical examination to see if they are eligible for autologous immunotherapy, after having the results, the doctor will perform it. process:
Step 1: Taking blood:
Customers will be checked information before taking blood to ensure the right technique is performed; The blood collection process takes about 1-2 minutes, the client relaxes during the blood draw; After taking blood, the doctor will check the patient's health again. After taking blood, it will be taken to Vinmec High-Tech Center for culture and proliferation in 2 weeks. The culture period is from 18-21 days and when the results are available, the customers are invited to return to the hospital for autologous immunization. Step 2: The process of culturing and isolating immune cells
Immune cell culture area at Vinmec Hi-Tech Center meets international standards for cleanliness, ensuring cells are cultured in good conditions First, ensure the quality before transmitting to the customer Step 3: Transmit autologous immunity to the client: During the autologous immune infusion, the client's health will be continuously monitored.
After performing autologous immunotherapy to prevent cancer, the client may experience some side effects such as fever, chills... these are common reactions that may occur. when transmitting autologous immunity, this will not affect the patient's health. However, when symptoms of fever are higher than 39 degrees, the patient needs to go to the hospital for a doctor to conduct an examination and health check.

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