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Nine fingers are a common hand infection, of which, nine fingers are the most common. Based on the depth of the infected lesion, it is divided into three sub-major regions as follows: superficial (skin layer), subcutaneous tissue nine and deep (tendon, joint, bone).

1. What is the nine-mesh?

Nine feet is a soft tissue infection of the fingertip, usually caused by staphylococcus and streptococcus. Bacteria enter the human body by entering through scratches, pricks, and minor wounds. The most common location is the distal soft tissue of the finger, which can be in the middle, on the sides, or at the tip of the finger. The normal soft-tissue septum helps limit the spread of infection, leading to pressure-enhancing abscesses and necrosis of adjacent tissue. The bones, joints, or underlying extensor tendons can become infected.
Treatment of septal defect depends on the degree of infection, the malignancy, and the patient's location, usually including early incision and drainage (mid-lateral longitudinal incision corresponding to the septum) and oral antibiotics or infusion. Empiric treatment with cephalosporins is reasonable. In settings where methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections are common, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, clindamycin, doxycycline, or linezolid should be used instead of the cephalosporins.

2. Common finger nine types

Nine lines cause infection in the fingertips with 3 common types: nine superficial, nine subcutaneous and nine deep.
2.1 Shallow and shallow nines begin in the skin of the fingers with the following specific cases:
Swollen, reddened form: Fingertips are mildly swollen, red, painful, without festering. For treatment, it is common to soak hands in hot water to release the base of the limb. Puffy form, nine sides in the skin: Initially, the finger is red and swollen, then pus accumulates in the epidermis, forming a blister with milky white pus inside. To treat, it is necessary to make an incision to let the pus out. After the incision, a compression bandage is required and a combination of systemic antibiotics is used.
Biến chứng của chín mé nếu không điều trị kịp thời
Chín mé nông gây cảm giác sưng đau cho người bệnh
Boiled form: Nine fingers appear in the pubic area, with pus. Treatment requires local anesthesia and an incision to drain the pus. Nine edges around the nail: Initially, nine edges appear in part of the nail angle, then gradually spread around, possibly spreading to the nail base and causing prolonged pus discharge. To treat it, it is necessary to numb the base of the finger, then make an incision in the nail, the festering nail area is cut off to drain the pus, it may be necessary to remove the nail to get rid of the pus discharge. Nine under the nail: Usually caused by a sharp, small, thin object pierced into the tip of the finger. Nine fingers under the nail are very painful. When squeezing the tip of the finger, you can see the milky white pus collected under the nail. To treat it, it is necessary to cut off the pus-filled part of the nail, in case the pus accumulates and spreads to the entire nail, the nail must be cut off.
2.2 Subcutaneous nine fingers subcutaneously causes infection of subcutaneous tissues, usually appearing on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd knuckles of the fingers.
Nine edges at the tip of the finger: This is the most common nine under the skin, appearing at the tip of the third knuckle of the finger with swelling, pain, redness, and pain. For treatment, it is necessary to make an arc cut through the tip of the finger to drain the pus and combine with systemic antibiotics. Nine sides of the knuckles: Usually occurs in the second knuckle, causing swelling and pain. To treat, it is necessary to make incisions on both sides of the burn to drain the pus.
Chín mé
Hình ảnh chín mé dưới da gây nhiễm trùng
2.3 Deep knuckles Osteoarthritis: The sphenoid finger affects the inner bony part, usually the knuckle or third knuckle of the finger. This case may be due to untreated subcutaneous tissue, causing complications with the whole knuckles swelling, bulging, purple-red, causing pain and discomfort. If you pinch your nails, you will feel a very sharp pain. There may be pus-filled fistulas growing around. If after treatment it still does not go away, there is still pain, the doctor will order an X-ray and give the image of the vertebrae, which are unevenly blurred and become dead bone fragments. To treat the nine sides of the finger affecting the bone, it is necessary to administer anesthesia so that the dead bone can be cut and removed. After minor surgery, daily need to soak hands in diluted potassium permanganate solution to clean and maintain wound hygiene, combine with systemic antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor, and practice finger movements. . Arthritis: Nine fingers affecting the joint can be primary or secondary, with swelling, redness, and limitation of movement. If the X-ray is taken, the joint space can be seen as narrow and sparse. To treat the patient, it is necessary to pump and wash the joint with antibiotics and 9% serum solution, combined with systemic antibiotics, immobilize the joint segment in a functional position. Tendon form: The nine sides of the finger deeply affect the tendon, causing pain along the tendon, especially the finger flexion area, causing the finger to contract and not be able to extend. In addition, the patient also showed signs of fatigue and high fever due to severe infection. For treatment, make an incision in the bottom of the capsule to expose the sac and tendon sheath, then make an incision to drain the pus to flush the tendon sheath with warm serum solution mixed with antibiotics.
Sốt cao kéo dài
Chín mé có thể gây triệu chứng sốt cao và mệt mỏi ở người bệnh
The shallow nine, the subcutaneous nine, and the deep nine are three types of nine. In which, the majority of people with superficial ripening rarely receive treatment, until the nine eyelids affect under the skin. At this time, if not treated in time, nine can cause complications deep inside, causing tendonitis, arthritis, bone inflammation, which is very dangerous. Therefore, to ensure that no infection occurs, you should go to medical centers for examination and treatment, to avoid dangerous complications.
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