Complications of nine cheeks if not treated promptly

Nine cheeks is a common skin disease. Usually, nine cheeks appear on the hands and feet. If the disease is not handled properly, the patient does not pay attention to hygiene, which can cause complications.

1. Nine edges in hands and feet, where do they come from?

Nine feet is a disease of infected fingers and toes, bacterial infections caused by streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus. When scratched, scratched, torn small skin, especially in people who often sweat a lot, bacteria will penetrate through these scratches easily, multiply and grow, causing infection.
Because scratches are usually small wounds, patients are often subjective and do not treat. Normally, people with nine eyelids are rarely treated when the lesions are at a mild stage, until they turn into a severe stage, when they are festering, the patients will be examined and treated. At this time, the patient will face complications if not treated promptly.

2. How does the nine-mesh develop?

Initially, the nine eyelids appear between 1 - 3 days after the fingertips and toes are scratched and bacteria enter. At this stage, symptoms are swollen, red, painful, itchy, making the patient uncomfortable, unable to move fingers and toes.
About the next 4 - 7 days, the nine cheeks begin to spread around the fingers and toes. At this time, the nine cheeks cause pain and tension, can feel the pain of the injured area and jerk with each beat. Patients present with mild fever due to infection.

3. Distinguishing nine eyes from other dermatological diseases

Nine feet should be distinguished from other dermatological diseases in the fingertips and toes such as:
Leech nest: the disease often causes itching, may be mildly swollen, but rarely causes pain. Acute inflammation around the nail: the disease causes swelling, pain and may fester. Nine eyes due to melanoma: the disease usually appears on the thumb, is black, causes swelling, causing the patient to lose nails. Usually, shingles is caused by the Herpes virus for about 2 - 20 days. It is necessary to recognize the specific symptoms of the herpes simplex virus to distinguish it from the above-mentioned dermatological diseases for proper treatment. Specifically:
When infected, the fingertips feel pain and burning like a sting. Then, the lesion begins to swell, red, and blisters appear on the red skin. This phase can last up to 7-10 days. Broken blisters reveal clear, or cloudy, fluid that may also contain blood. After causing infection, Herpes virus invades sensory nerve endings in the skin and travels to Schwann cells, peripheral nerve ganglia waiting for favorable conditions to migrate to the skin and cause disease.
Biến chứng của chín mé nếu không điều trị kịp thời
Bệnh chín mé gây khó chịu ở ngón tay

4. Complications ripening

In the first 7 - 10 days after the appearance of the nine cheeks, the lesion may turn into a festering stage. At this time, if not treated promptly by making an incision to drain the pus, or making an incision but not deep enough for the pus to be drained to the outside, it can cause complications:
Osteomyelitis Arthritis Arthritis Bursitis Septicemia With the above complications, nine joints can cause bone inflammation, swelling, pain, redness, long time causing fistula. The doctor will order an X-ray to check and consider complications.
At this point, the X-ray image shows bone inflammation with bone debris falling out. To treat it, the doctor must perform surgery to remove the bone. This complication can cause the patient to lose vertebrae, affecting the overall function of the hand.
chín mé ở tay
Chín mé bị sưng viêm mủ có thể dẫn tới viêm xương

5. What should be done if the hand is nine?

When a sore on a hand or foot, first, the patient needs to keep the wound from becoming infected further, by washing and cleaning the wound with diluted potassium permanganate, drying it and applying antibiotics.
If the nine cheeks have turned to the festering stage, the patient needs to be made an incision to drain the pus and indicated for use in combination with antibiotics.
To prevent ripening of hands and feet, always maintain hygiene, wash hands and feet clean. Avoid soaking in water or letting dirt stick to your hands and feet, creating conditions for viruses and bacteria to ripen.
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