Disorders of purine regeneration in the body

In most of the foods that we eat every day, there is a lot of purine in the body. This is a chemical that exists in plant and animal cells. Not only that, purine can also regenerate itself right in the human body. What causes purine remodeling disorders?

1. What is a purine?

Purine is a substance that occurs in many foods, especially in healthy foods. But when the human body absorbs too much purine, it will produce uric acid by itself. This substance, when accumulated in bones and joints for too long, will complicate bone and joint diseases, or gout.
With gout patients will be advised by the doctor to use a purine-restricted diet. Limitation does not mean complete elimination because purine is found in many healthy foods such as beef, fish, seafood, etc. If applied properly, it will help reduce pain and inflammation in joints.
Purine can be divided into two types:
Endogenous purine: This is the result of the nucleic acid metabolism in the body. At its simplest, it can be understood that the body can regenerate purine on its own. Exogenous purines: Entered from the outside through eating or drinking. Exogenous purines are more or less completely dependent on the diet of each person.

2. Causes of purine regeneration disorder

There are many causes leading to the disorder of purine regeneration in the body but known can refer to Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase deficiency. Quite a few people have this disease, because it is a disease caused by a genetic disorder on the chromosomes. Lack of this substance causes the body to have a disorder in purine regeneration because it cannot make adenine. Oxidized adenines produce a precipitation reaction in the urinary tract. Immediately causing kidney pain, infection and even kidney failure if not treated promptly.
rối loạn tái tạo purine
Có nhiều nguyên nhân dẫn đến tính trạng rối loạn tái tạo purine trong cơ thể

3. The role of purine in human health?

According to many medical studies, purines have significant effects on our health. Especially beneficial to the human cardiovascular system and digestive system. When the human body regenerates purine, it helps to link cells together, directly affecting cell membranes.
Affects the heart's distribution of oxygen to the body and the flow of blood. With the digestive system like the stomach, the disorder of purine regeneration in the body also makes it difficult to excrete liquid and move food. The disorder of purine regeneration also makes us age faster, the brain is also not stimulated to its fullest potential. Because uric acid is produced when the body digests purine, it has a direct effect on the brain and is also an antioxidant for the body.

4. Adverse health effects of Purine

In the human body, having a sufficient amount of purine will help the body stay healthy and sharp. But if there is too much purine at the same time, it will backfire, making us face a lot of diseases.
Atherosclerosis: When there is too much uric acid in the blood, it will make us more susceptible to coronary heart disease. It also directly leads to atherosclerosis. Myocardial infarction: Patients with an excess of uric acid in the blood have a very high chance of having a heart attack, more dangerous can lead to a stroke. Renal failure: Uric acid with kidney disease as an inner ring with no way out. Because when there is a high amount of uric acid in the blood, it will affect, making the kidneys unable to promote their full function. Conversely, when the kidneys are weakened, they will no longer be able to excrete uric acid from the body. Gout: For patients with problems with purine regeneration disorders and purine metabolism disorders, this is the most common disease. Characteristic manifestations such as joint pain, sudden onset of pain, deformed joints, ... accompanied by chronic diseases such as kidney, cardiovascular, dyslipidemia. Gout today is proven to happen to anyone, not just the elderly.

5. How to control the amount of purine in the body?

We cannot completely cut purine out of our diet because it also has a significant effect on the body. People with purine regeneration disorder or excess purine need to develop a scientific diet.
Eat lots of green vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water from 2 to 4 liters of water per day. Limit the use of stimulants such as alcohol. Avoid eating animal organs, red meat, seafood. It is especially important to maintain health by exercising regularly. Patients should also add a lot of foods containing little or no purine such as cauliflower, cucumber, broccoli, watermelon, potatoes, pumpkin, ... into the daily menu. If the disease is severe, the doctor may prescribe some medications to control the amount of uric acid in the blood. Periodic health check-ups help detect diseases early, thereby planning treatment for optimal results. Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital has general health checkup packages suitable for each age, gender and individual needs of customers with a reasonable price policy, including:

Health checkup package General health Standard 2021 General health check-up package Comprehensive 2021 Health check-up package VIP 2021 General health check-up package Premium 2021 General health examination package Advanced 2021 Patient's examination results will be paid home. After receiving the results of the general health examination, if you detect diseases that require intensive examination and treatment, you can use services from other specialties at the Hospital with quality treatment and services. outstanding customer service.

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