Hand tremors in young people and how to treat them

Hand tremors are common in older people but can still be experienced in younger people. The causes of tremor in young people are unique, often due to functional disorders rather than physical injuries, and need to be corrected with long-term patience.

1. What is tremor in young people?

Tremor is a condition of muscle contractions that are continuous, frequency and out of control. This condition can occur alone on certain parts of the body such as arms, legs, eyes, jaw or as large as one side of the body. Although often occurring alone, not accompanied by any other symptoms, is not dangerous, but tremor has a great impact on quality of life, limiting the patient's ability to integrate in community life. copper.
Therefore, a thorough treatment of hand tremor is very important, especially for the lives of young patients. However, there are many possible causes of hand tremors in young people. Therefore, classifying hand tremor in young people clearly will guide effective and safe treatment for patients.
Hand tremor in young people is often encountered as a manifestation of essential tremor. This is a disorder in the nervous system that causes rhythmic and uncontrollable shaking. Although it can affect almost any part of the body, essential tremor occurs most often in the hands, especially when doing simple tasks, such as drinking from a glass or tying shoelaces.
Besides essential tremor, when approaching young people with tremors, it is important to actively look for a variety of causes, as tremors are sometimes a manifestation of other underlying medical conditions.
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2. What are the causes of hand tremors in young people?

Causes of hand tremors in young people are listed by frequency as follows:
2.1 Essential tremor The cause of movement disorders is quite common, can occur at any age, gender. count. Therefore, this cause should be thought of first when approaching hand tremor in young people. Essential tremor was formerly known as benign idiopathic tremor or familial tremor, with the exact mechanism still poorly understood.
For some people, this tremor is usually mild and stays stable for many years. Manifestations of essential tremor usually appear on both sides of the body but are more often noticed in the hands because this is an action tremor, which occurs only when the patient works, decreases, and stops. when resting.
Other symptoms may include shaking of the head such as the patient nodding or shaking the head repeatedly, shaking when speaking if the tremor affects the vocal cords, affecting the ability to perform daily activities. In addition, factors such as emotions, stress, fever, exhaustion, and hypoglycemia can make tremors more pronounced.

2.2 Dystonic tremor Congenital or acquired disorders of the neuromuscular system can cause dystonia . If the movement is of small amplitude and high frequency, it presents as tremor. This is the result of movement disorders caused by incorrect messages from the brain causing the muscles to overwork, leading to abnormal posture or unwanted movements.
Symptoms can sometimes be relieved by relaxation, complete rest. In addition, the severity of dystonia tremors lies in the fact that tremors can also be triggered by touching a vulnerable body part or muscle. At this point, the muscles will vibrate, shaking at an irregular frequency and amplitude instead of rhythm like essential tremor.
2.3 Psychological tremor This tremor, also known as functional tremor, can appear in any form of tremor. The appearance of tremors can vary but often begins suddenly and can affect all parts of the body.
Circumstances that trigger and trigger psychomotor tremors are when the patient is stressed, exhibits tremors with palpitations and will decrease or disappear when distracted. Some people develop psychomotor tremors because of an underlying psychiatric condition such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.
Other possible causes of hand tremor in young people are due to stimulant drugs, coffee, hyperthyroidism... or possibly early-onset Parkinson's disease, discreet stroke.
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3. How to treat hand tremors in young people?

Some people with hand tremors will not need treatment if the symptoms are mild. However, if hand tremors make it difficult to work or perform daily activities, treatment will need to be established.
The drug of choice often for the treatment of essential tremor is a beta-blocker. Typically used to treat high blood pressure, beta-blockers such as propranolol are effective in reducing tremors in many young people, especially when sympathomimetic is present.
Besides, drugs that reduce the signal from the nervous system can also be used to treat hand tremors such as anti-epileptic drugs, tranquilizers..; However, compared to the side effects and benefits, the use of these drugs requires careful consideration.
If the medication is not effective or the patient experiences side effects, the next option is to inject botox. This is a modality that can be helpful not only in treating certain types of hand tremors but also head and voice tremors.

However, the limitation of botox injection is that it can only improve tremor for up to three months, so the patient has to repeat the injection every three months. Also, although botox is used to treat hand tremors, it can cause weakness in the fingers; Similarly, the drug can also cause a hoarse voice and difficulty swallowing.
One non-pharmacological treatment that can help improve hand tremor is to practice physical therapy exercises. Therapists can instruct the patient in exercises to improve muscle strength, control and coordination of movements with mastery and flexibility, or at least adapt to living with hand tremor.
In addition, surgical interventions also play a role in the treatment of hand tremors in young people, including deep brain stimulation surgery, focused ultrasound to permanently change brain function to help control tremors in one area. At the same time, patients need to change their lifestyle and take home remedies for tremors such as avoiding caffeine and stimulants, limiting alcohol consumption, working in moderation, learn to relax, meditate...
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In summary, tremor in young people is a common movement disorder, sometimes transient or persistent. The causes are often diverse, but if you know how to adjust your lifestyle and use universal tremor treatment drugs, the treatment of hand tremors in young people also improves significantly, helping patients to be more confident in life.
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