Hand tremors when nervous: The reason why

Tremor when nervous is a very uncomfortable condition, although not dangerous, it makes the patient limited in daily activities as well as communication in the community. The cause of hand tremors when nervous is explained by many different mechanisms or sometimes remains unclear.

1. What is hand tremor when nervous?

Tremor is a fairly common movement disorder. Skeletal muscle bundles move continuously in a certain amplitude and frequency, beyond the control of the brain. Tremors are classified into several different groups, some of which are associated with damage to the brain or nerve pathways while others have no evidence of physical damage at all. any. Tremor in nervousness is a tremor of the second group.
Tremor when nervous often occurs in the hands or other parts of the body such as legs, head, voice when the patient feels anxious and stressed. In contrast, when relaxed, comfortable, tremor symptoms did not occur at all. Therefore, nervous tremors have long been considered the most common objective symptom a person may experience as part of a social anxiety disorder.
Hồi hộp
Run tay khi hồi hộp là triệu chứng phổ biến khi người bệnh cảm thấy lo âu

2. What is the cause of hand tremors when nervous?

When a person trembles with anxiety, it is the result of excessive nervous tension. The brain will increase the response by secreting neurohormones that act as activators of the autonomic nervous system. This physiological response aims to "awaken" all senses, all parts to be ready to deal with threats from the environment, increase alertness and prepare for exertion to fight.
The hormone released by the body is the hormone epinephrine (also known as adrenaline). Elevated epinephrine in the blood travels to skeletal muscle and signals increased exercise. At the same time, the person may also experience increased heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar. A second hormone, norepinephrine, is also increased in production and is involved in many changes in the body.
As a result, it is the excessive autonomic signals beyond the control of consciousness that act on the nerve endings, causing continuous muscle spasms. The more the patient tries to control the hand tremor when nervous, the more stress and tremor response will result.
However, nervous tremors can also be the result of physical problems in the brain such as cerebellar damage, Parkinson's disease, or as a side effect of certain medications. Therefore, every patient who comes to the doctor for tremors or tremors in other parts of the body needs to be determined the cause and have the best treatment.
Chứng run tay có thể là triệu chứng của các bệnh lý thực thể tại não

3. What factors increase the trigger for hand tremors when nervous?

Common situations that require concentration, public presentation, and stress can cause hands or whole body to tremble, like when:
Pouring a drink Raise a glass to your mouth Write in front of people Others Keeping papers during a presentation Speaking or performing in front of a large number of people Negative thinking Attempts to control or cover up, fighting against anxiety within the body will only make tremors more apparent. than. On the contrary, when stopping the action, getting out of this situation, the symptoms will disappear. It is also a factor that helps confirm the tremor is psychologically related and contributes to the exclusion of other organs.

4. How to treat hand tremors when nervous?

People who frequently experience anxiety tremors can be treated with medication or psychotherapy. In medical therapy, beta-blockers are sometimes used to deal with anxiety-provoking situations that do not occur often, such as when speaking or performing in front of many people is required. These drugs treat anxiety symptoms by blocking the effects of adrenaline. However, they still do not fully address the underlying psychological problems.
Các loại thuốc chẹn benta chỉ giúp giải quyết tình trạng lo lắng tạm thời

Psychotherapy by talking, cognitive-behavioral, or acceptance analysis may be helpful in changing thought patterns, contributing to the relief of anxiety symptoms caused by the social environment. For treatment with this modality, being comfortable talking to a mental health professional is an important foundation. On the other hand, the patient himself can also self-regulate if he has the ability to self-perceive and control by reason.
Besides, some suggestions to limit hand tremor when nervous is to get used to it. Long-term friendly contact will make the body less stressed and feel more "harmless", such as meditating, breathing deeply, practicing optimistic thinking, regularly speaking in front of a crowd...
Outside In addition, it is important to avoid factors that can make hand tremors worse, such as lack of sleep, caffeine or stimulants, etc. In short, everyone can develop hand tremors when they are nervous. palpitations due to the effects of nerve stress hormones on the extremities. It is important to recognize it early and actively seek a remedy because this is a fairly common psychological disorder, harmless but will improve quickly without long-term medication.
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