How do you find time for physical activity when you're busy?

You know that exercise is important for your health and well-being. However, if you are busy with work and have time to spend with family and friends. How can I arrange the time between work and exercise in the most reasonable way?

1. Make an action plan

It's important to plan ahead, list "to-do" items to avoid unnecessary activities taking up exercise time. Prioritize exercise by:
Schedule: Schedule physical activity like all appointments for the day. Try not to let other activities interrupt or change your exercise plan. Join a sports team: Organize a soccer or volleyball team with other members at the parks and locality where you were born. This is a great incentive to stay active. Join a fitness club: Sign up for an exercise class at a nearby club or gym. Expenses can also be an incentive for you to stick with your workout schedule. Wear an activity tracker or pedometer: Knowing how far you've walked, or how many calories you've burned, can motivate you to be more active.

2. Exercise with family, friends, co-workers and even pets

Physical activity can be more enjoyable when you:
Get the whole family involved: The whole family can go for a walk before or after dinner. Play catch or ride a bike. Walk to the lunch spot: You and your colleagues can create and stick to this routine together. Take your pet for a walk: If you don't have a dog, borrow one from a neighbor to motivate yourself to walk. Take a walk with a friend: This way, even on days when you're a little low on motivation, that friend is at your door ready to go for a walk, which can help keep you going. Combine play and exercise: Date a friend for a hike in the park or take a family trip to the zoo. Go dancing with friends. Social connections: Try joining a dance club, cycling group, or soccer league. Encouragement from others can help keep you moving.
Tập thể dục cùng các thành viên trong gia đình giúp mọi người gắn kết cùng nhau hơn
Tập thể dục cùng người thân hoặc bạn bè cũng là một cách hay

3. Change time or intensity

When life interrupts your planned plans, you can still work towards your advocacy goals. Try:
Split your time: It's great if you can work continuously for 30 minutes a day, but you can also apply the exercise for busy people with less time. Even short walks count toward your daily fitness goal. Flexibility: If your day is really too busy to exercise, you only need to be active half the time than the minimum recommendations. High-intensity interval training: Short, high-intensity bursts of activity, separated by lower-intensity activity. For example, you can do maximum vigorous exercise for 30 seconds followed by 1-2 minutes of light exercise to recover. Then repeat the cycle about 4-6 times. High-intensity interval training usually takes 10-20 minutes a session. Exercise for busy people offers many of the same benefits as moderate-intensity continuous exercise.

4. Take advantage of exercise at home and on the go

To avoid wasting time at home, you can make exercise a priority at home by:
Wake up early : Get up a little earlier than usual for a walk on the treadmill or a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Housework: Mop the floor, scrub the toilet, or do other household chores at a fast enough pace to get the heart pumping. Gardening: Mowing the lawn with a pusher is a great way to burn calories. Rakes and hoes help strengthen the arms and back, and digging will help the arm and leg muscles work better. Get active while watching TV: Use dumbbells, stationary bikes, or do stretches while watching your favorite shows. Walk to the TV to change channels or adjust the volume instead of using the remote. Do more errands: When you get to the mall, park your car away from the entrance and walk an extra distance. If you have time, go for a walk 1-2 laps before you start shopping. Always bring a pair of walking shoes to get you ready for a busy person's workout in a few minutes.
Tranh thủ tập thể dục tại nhà hoặc nơi làm việc cũng là một ý kiến hay
Tranh thủ tập thể dục tại nhà hoặc nơi làm việc cũng là một ý kiến hay

5. Mobility at work

To be more physically active while you are at work, you can:
Make the most of your commute: Walk or cycle to work. If you take the bus, get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs whenever possible: If you have to move to another floor, get off the elevator a few floors early and use the stairs. Better yet, take the stairs entirely. Exercise during breaks: Instead of lounging around in the lobby with coffee or snacks, take a short walk. Limit texting: If it's convenient, walk to a co-worker face-to-face instead of texting or emailing. Always be physically active: If you're traveling for work, plan ahead. Bring a sports band or choose a hotel with exercise equipment. If you're stuck at the airport because of a flight delay, pack your bags and walk around. Here are general guidelines for how to find time when you're too busy to exercise. But to fit your day's schedule, it's important to be flexible and make fitness a way of life. There's no need for a stereotypical exercise plan, because all physical activity counts as exercise for busy people, making you stronger.

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Reference source: mayoclinic.org

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