How long does aspiration and drug injection into the kidney cyst take?

A simple kidney cyst without clinical symptoms or complications does not require treatment. However, if the kidney cyst is at risk of bleeding, rupture, infection ... but medical treatment does not help, relapses many times, it is necessary to appoint aspiration and drug injection into the cyst.

1. When is the indication for aspiration and drug injection into the renal cyst?

Renal cyst is a condition in which part of the kidney structure changes, creating a fluid-filled cavity inside and an outer envelope. Over time, kidney cysts get bigger and bigger and can press on other parts of the kidney, causing many dangerous complications such as cyst rupture, infection or cancer. Currently, the technique of aspiration of renal cysts and fibrosis of the cyst wall are necessary procedures to completely solve and avoid the risk of recurrence of renal cysts.
Usually, a simple kidney cyst with no clinical symptoms or no complications does not require treatment. However, if the kidney cyst has the following signs and symptoms, it is necessary to appoint aspiration and drug injection into the cyst:
Kidney cyst over 6cm in size needs intervention to prevent complications such as: Bleeding, rupture , the mass effect compresses the renal parenchyma. Small kidney cysts but complicated with cyst infection, bleeding in the cyst causes pain but medical treatment does not help, recurs many times. The renal cyst does not communicate with the renal calyx. In case, the patient has a blood clotting disorder, an infection in the abdominal wall at the puncture site, the kidney cyst connects to the renal pelvis or is located in a dangerous position when performing the procedure, the technique cannot be performed. renal cyst aspiration and drug injection.

2. The procedure of aspiration, injecting drugs into the kidney cyst

Before aspiration and injecting drugs into the kidney cyst, the doctor will explain the effects and complications of the procedure to the patient or the patient's family. The procedure for aspiration and drug injection into the kidney cyst is done as follows:
Step 1: Perform blood coagulation tests and basic tests such as: Urological ultrasound, UIV or computed tomography to Exclude the case of renal cyst communicating with the renal calyx. Step 2: Puncture the renal cyst under the guidance of computed tomography or ultrasound with luminosity. This method gives direct control over the operation of the trick. Step 3: Suction, drain the kidney cyst through the skin so that all the fluid in the cyst is drained. After complete collapse of the renal cyst, it is re-pumped into the cyst, causing fibrosis of the epithelial layer with a volume of 30-50% of the withdrawn fluid. Step 4: End the procedure and save the catheter and fibrous material in the cyst. Step 5: Check all sclerotherapy and drainage catheters after 16-24 hours. Ask the patient to have an ultrasound every 1, 3, 6, 12 months. The total time to perform the procedure of aspiration and drug injection into the kidney cyst is about 1-2 hours, this will depend on the skill of the doctor and the equipment at the medical facility you choose.
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3. Complications and management of the procedure of aspiration and drug injection into renal cysts:

Aspiration and drug injection into kidney cysts can cause some complications. When a stroke occurs, it should be treated by:
Pain at the puncture site: Treat by giving the patient pain relievers such as paracetamol, oral or injected nospa. Microscopic hematuria: This complication does not require treatment. Gross hematuria: If the patient has a gross hematuria, treat by adding sodium chloride 9%, monitor pulse, blood pressure and general condition. Hematuria causing hypotension: Transfuse blood to the patient and inject tranexamic acid 250mg x 2-4 tubes intravenously. Monitor for bleeding complications, urinary leakage, recurrent cysts, or anaphylaxis with fiber injection. In summary, aspiration and drug injection into the renal cyst is a procedure that should be performed to completely resolve and avoid the risk of recurrence of the renal cyst. To ensure safety and have the most accurate results, the patient needs to go to a reputable medical facility to conduct aspiration and inject drugs into the kidney cyst. Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital is one of the leading prestigious hospitals in the country, trusted by a large number of patients for medical examination and treatment. Not only the physical system, modern equipment: 6 ultrasound rooms; 4 DR X-ray rooms (1 full-axis, 1 intensifier, 1 synthesizer and 1 mammogram); 2 portable X-ray machines DR; 2 multi-row computer tomography rooms with receivers (1 128-series machine and 1 16-row machine); 2 rooms for magnetic resonance imaging (1 machine 3 Tesla and 1 machine 1.5 Tesla); 1 room for 2 levels of interventional angiography and 1 room to measure bone mineral density.... Vinmec is also the place where a team of experienced doctors and nurses will gather a lot of support in diagnosis and detection. early signs of abnormality in the patient's body. In particular, with a space designed according to 5-star hotel standards, Vinmec ensures to bring the patient the most comfort, friendliness and peace of mind.

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