How to use antiseptic solution at home

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Poor housing hygiene significantly increases the risk of infectious diseases in particular and human health in general. So in addition to personal hygiene measures, sanitation is a necessary measure. The following article will guide you on how to use an antiseptic solution at home to prevent the risk of disease.

1. In which cases is it necessary to use home antiseptic solutions?

First, the house needs to be well ventilated, cool and clean. This is the most important factor to kill bacteria, mold and infectious pathogens. In addition, you can disinfect and disinfect your home with antiseptic solutions periodically (maybe once a week, or once every two weeks).
In case someone in your home is sick, has an infectious disease such as influenza A, hand, foot and mouth disease, diarrhea, etc., the use of antiseptic solutions at home is extremely important to prevent pathogens from being born. boils and spreads to other members of the family.
In addition, in the case of people in the home with chronic diseases such as cancer, cerebrovascular accident, chronic respiratory infections, home disinfection helps to bring a fresh living environment, good for people's health. sick.
Nên dùng dung dịch sát khuẩn khi gia đình có người mắc bệnh truyền nhiễm

2. What practices does home disinfection include?

For individuals: disinfect hands, disinfect clothes if someone is infected, disinfect baby's toys.
For the whole family: disinfect tools and household items, clean the floor with antiseptic solutions and other necessary locations.
Sát khuẩn đồ chơi của trẻ
Sát khuẩn sạch sẽ đồ chơi của bé

3. What practices does personal disinfection include?

Hand sanitizer: can be with hand soap or alcohol-based quick hand sanitizer. Hands should be washed with soap for at least 20 seconds under running water, several times a day. In the case of going to places where there are no conditions to wash hands, use an alcohol-based quick hand sanitizer, also known as a dry hand sanitizer instead. Disinfect utensils, household items, table tops, chairs or places where germs are suspected: you can use 700 or 900 medical alcohol solution to disinfect household tools or countertops, If it is suspected that these items may be contaminated with secretions of the sick person (or guests visiting the house) due to the coughing, sneezing, or blowing movements of the patient. For sick people's clothes, or clothes after contacting and taking care of an infectious patient: it is necessary to wash them with soap, then dry them in the sun or dry them to kill bacteria.
Quần áo phơi dưới nắng
Quần áo phơi dưới nắng giúp diệt khuẩn

4. How to properly clean the house with antiseptic solutions?

Disinfectant solutions used to clean the house: two types of disinfectant solutions can be used to disinfect the house including chloramin B and javel water
For chloramin B powder you can buy at chemical stores. The ratio of this powder can be used is 1 teaspoon mixed with 1 liter of water, then used to clean the house. In case someone in the house has an infectious disease, it is advisable to follow the instructions of medical staff or epidemic prevention staff (the ratio can be increased to 5 teaspoons of chloramine B powder and 1 liter of water). However, the use of chloramin B powder to clean the house brings a lot of trouble in both storage and use. Chloramin B must be stored in a sealed container, away from sunlight, if exposed to light it will lose its effect. In addition, the smell of this preparation solution is relatively unpleasant, causing inconvenience to family members.
Bột cloramin B
Bột cloramin B

Javel water-based disinfectant cleaning solution: you can buy Javel water solution, also known as bleaching water, at grocery stores and supermarkets. Note that you need to buy bleach for clothes, not bleach for colored clothes because the composition of these two types is different and colored clothes bleach does not have a disinfecting effect. The ratio of Javel water to disinfect, you mix according to the instructions on the product label. For example, you can mix according to the instructions, then soak your baby's toys, or you can use it to clean tables and chairs, stairs,... In case you want to mix Javel water solution to clean the house, you can mix it. double the amount of water as directed, for example, instead of 1 bottle cap mixed with 1 liter of water, you can mix 1 bottle cap with 2 liters of water. Then you can use this solution to clean the house weekly or twice in a week. When cleaning the house, please wipe it with water first, after cleaning the house with water, use the Javel water mixed above to wipe it again and wait for it to dry. Note do not wipe again with clean water, the smell of Javel water can fly away quickly when you open the door to let light into the house.
Sử dụng dung dịch thuốc tẩy pha loãng
Sử dụng nước Javel làm dung dịch lau nhà

For the hospital, the disinfection work is done very closely with special antiseptic solutions. Because the hospital is a place where many patients come for medical examination and treatment, disinfection and sterilization must be extremely strict to avoid cross-infection. However, when disinfecting at home, we only need to apply the above methods to ensure a healthy living environment and protect family members from pathogens.

5. Conclusion

Using disinfectant solutions and home sterilization measures periodically or when someone is sick is very important. The indoor environment is the factor that most affects people's health, especially during the epidemic season or when there is an epidemic, keeping a clean, sterilizing house and minimizing pathogens has a good effect. for disease prevention.

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