Introduction to spinal manipulation method

Posted by Doctor Dao Hong Nam - Traditional Medicine Unit - Vinmec Times City International Hospital
Currently, non-drug methods of treatment are increasingly being applied, the trend of combining modern medicine and traditional medicine is chosen by many people when treating diseases related to the spine. . In particular, spinal manipulation is a very effective method, helping patients recover and restore balance to the body.

1. Structure of the spine

The spine is an extremely important part, the spine is a column of bones consisting of many vertebrae overlapping each other, responsible for supporting the body, moving and protecting the spinal cord. The spine is composed of 32 - 34 vertebrae, connecting from the base of the skull to the sacrum. The vertebrae are stacked and connected to each other by ligaments and muscles. Classification according to the vertebrae, the spine is divided into 5 segments including:
7 cervical vertebrae (symbol C1-C7) 12 thoracic vertebrae (designated D1-D12) 5 lumbar vertebrae (symbol L1- L5) 5 sacral vertebrae (symbol S1-S5) The coccyx (tailbone). In between the vertebrae from C2 to S1 there is the presence of discs. The disc is a slimy nucleus, located between 2 consecutive vertebrae, surrounded by a fibrous ring firmly attached to the vertebral bodies. The spine is held more firmly by a system of ligaments and layers of muscles, helping to keep the spine in an upright position.
In the human body, the central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord, in which the brain is located in the skull and the spinal cord is located in the spinal canal. The brain helps control the entire body's activities through the pathways in the spinal cord.
The spinal cord has spinal nerve sections corresponding to the vertebrae, each segment of spinal nerves will govern certain organs in the body.
Viêm cột sống dính khớp
Cột sống là bộ phận vô cùng quan trọng, đặc điểm cột sống là một cột xương gồm nhiều đốt sống chồng lên nhau, có nhiệm vụ nâng đỡ cơ thể, vận động và bảo vệ tủy gai

2. What is spinal manipulation method?

Technique: Spinal manipulation is a treatment method where the doctor uses the fingertips to directly impact the vertebrae and soft tissues around the spine to relieve pressure on nerves, blood vessels, and muscles around the spine. Life helps to correct functional disorders caused by protrusion and deviation of the vertebrae
Diagnostic mechanism of spinal manipulation method:
When the body appears sick / begins to have symptoms of the disease, on the The corresponding vertebrae will also appear pathological reflexes. The changes of the spine are all derived from each nerve segment originating from the disturbed spinal cord. After determining the pathological reflex point on the vertebrae, the doctor will apply an appropriate force (select choose the direction and direction of impact depending on the specific case) on the spine, helping the patient gradually erase that pathological reflex, restore balance to the body, this method is called spinal manipulation.

3. Characteristics of spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation method has four basic characteristics: spine, muscle layer, temperature, and sensation.
Spine: When the spine is changed, it is related to many diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system... Muscle layer: When the body is sick , the corresponding vertebrae change (convex, deviated, concave) causing the surrounding muscle layer to also change (increase, decrease). The method of affecting the spine will act directly to change the muscle layer, when the parenchymal muscle layer is normal, it means the disease has cleared, must stop immediately, if it continues to affect the muscle layer, it will lead to If the threshold is exceeded, the anaphylactic muscle contracts, the therapeutic effect will be completely erased. Temperature: The spine method is based on the skin temperature on the body, if the normal body temperature is healthy, when the abnormal skin temperature is a manifestation of the disease, this is the basic basis for examination. disease and monitoring in therapy. Sensation: The method of spinal manipulation stipulates that if, during the therapeutic manipulation, the patient feels the pain is increasing and becoming increasingly uncomfortable, the manipulation must be stopped immediately because the performance is not correct. redefine.

4. Application of spinal manipulation method to treat what diseases?

đau lưng
Tác động cột sống được ứng dụng điều trị nhiều mặt bệnh như đau lưng, đau do thoát vị đĩa đệm,...
Spinal impact is applied to treat many of the following diseases:
Acute or chronic back pain; Pain due to herniated disc ; Sciatica; Intermittent nerve pain ; Neck and shoulder pain; arm pain, numbness, weakness; Cerebral circulatory insufficiency; Headache, migraine ; Vestibular disorders ; Chronic asthma; Regulate heart rate; Regulate blood pressure; Neurasthenia ; Weak body... With the desire to bring comprehensive health care services to customers. Vinmec International General Hospital has established the Traditional Medicine Unit. Here, in addition to traditional medicine methods, along with non-pharmacological treatments such as nursing, acupuncture, massage, acupressure... Since 2017, Vinmec has established an Effect Clinic. spinal manipulation with a team of doctors and nurses with many years of experience. The clinic has applied the method of spinal manipulation to successfully treat many diseases such as: herniated disc, cerebral circulatory insufficiency, shoulder pain, migraine, peripheral nerve palsy...

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