Is autoimmune hepatitis dangerous?

Autoimmune hepatitis is an uncommon disease that needs attention and appropriate treatment when acquired. Because this disease will cause other diseases such as liver failure, greatly affecting the health and life of the patient.

1. What is autoimmune liver disease?

What is autoimmune liver disease? This is a chronic liver disease, when the patient's immune system attacks the normal cells of the liver, causing inflammation and damage to the liver.
So is autoimmune hepatitis dangerous? Accordingly, autoimmune hepatitis is dangerous, if not treated promptly, the disease will cause many serious complications, affecting health, and at the same time, liver conditions such as cirrhosis, liver failure.
Besides, autoimmune hepatitis is not contagious but there is still no effective way to prevent it.

2. Causes and symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis

Autoimmune hepatitis is caused by viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. This attack on the liver can lead to chronic inflammation and serious damage to liver cells. In addition, autoimmune hepatitis can occur due to infection, drug side effects, and genetics.
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Signs and symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis can range from mild to severe and can come on suddenly or develop over time. Symptoms may include:
Fatigue. Abdominal discomfort. Athritis . Itchy. Yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes. Enlarged liver. Abnormal blood vessels in the skin Nausea, vomiting.

3. Is autoimmune hepatitis curable?

Whether autoimmune hepatitis is curable depends on when the disease is detected. If the disease is detected early and treated promptly, it can be cured.
When the disease is detected early, the patient is completely controlled with drugs that suppress the immune system. In addition, patients who do not respond to drugs can use liver transplantation.
Besides, patients can control autoimmune hepatitis with the following habits:
Always follow up with scheduled appointments to monitor the disease
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Người bệnh viêm gan tự miễn cần tái khám định kỳ theo chỉ định của bác sĩ

Follow the instructions of the doctor, do not arbitrarily use self-purchased drugs and stop the doctor's prescription. Avoid toxic stimulants to the liver such as alcohol, beer.. Eat healthy, pay attention to your health. Pay attention to staying healthy and exercising regularly. Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital has Hepatobiliary Screening packages, which help detect Hepatitis Virus at an early stage even when there are no symptoms. In addition, the comprehensive hepatobiliary screening package helps customers:
Assess the liver's ability to work through liver enzyme tests; Evaluation of bile function; vascular nutrition; Early screening for liver cancer; Perform tests such as Total blood cell analysis, blood clotting ability, screening for hepatitis B, C Assessment of hepatobiliary status through ultrasound images and diseases that have the potential to affect liver disease/cause liver disease. more severe liver disease In-depth analysis of parameters to evaluate hepatobiliary function through laboratory, subclinical; the risk of affecting the liver and early screening for hepatobiliary cancer

To register for examination and treatment of hepatobiliary diseases at Vinmec International General Hospital, you can contact Vinmec Health System nationwide, or register online HERE.

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