Is waxy sunscreen any good?

To meet the needs of use, sunscreen products are increasingly being produced with a variety of functions and product textures. In particular, wax sunscreen is a new product of interest, because it meets the needs of continuous use as well as its compact and convenient nature.

1. What is a wax sunscreen?

Sunscreen wax or sunscreen stick is a sunscreen wax with a compact design, easy to use, just roll directly on the skin that needs sun protection, so it saves a lot of time for users. .
This type of product is usually less alkaline or acidic, so it is suitable for use on sensitive skin areas such as eyes, neck, ... while also providing and moisturizing, anti-oxidant as well as reducing wrinkles appropriately. for female.

2. Is wax sunscreen good?

Changing to wax does not affect the composition and structure of sunscreen agents in the cream. In particular, wax sunscreens also have many advantages as follows:
Solid wax texture helps to create a feeling of lightness, creating effective sun protection and moisturizing the skin. Sunscreen stick also helps to overcome the disadvantage of leaving stains on the skin or clothes by its ability to absorb and dry quickly. Increase the effectiveness of use with small and angular skin areas such as face, nose, ears, ... achieve high coverage because there is no need to rub hands like other products. Because it is a new product, the wax sunscreen is almost integrated with the latest technologies, making it compatible with all skin types and causing less irritation.
Kem chống nắng dạng thỏi
Kem chống nắng dạng sáp tương thích với mọi loại da và ít gây kích ứng

3. Disadvantages of wax sunscreens

Besides the above advantages, wax sunscreens also have the following disadvantages:
The wax head is easy to accumulate dirt, sweat, bacteria, ... so when used for a long time, it can cause dirt. and bacteria come back into contact with the skin, leading to clogged pores, acne cysts, hidden acne, dermatitis,... Difficult to determine the exact amount of product: Formulas like 1.2g anti-wrinkle cream Sunlight for the entire face cannot be applied to this product, as the amount of product used cannot be estimated. Therefore, to overcome this drawback, you need to apply the product evenly on the skin surface about 2-3 times to achieve effective sun protection. In short, the wax sunscreen has a compact design, is easy to use, just rolls directly on the skin that needs sun protection, so it saves a lot of time for users.

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