Meaning of blood test during pregnancy

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Blood test during pregnancy is a test that shows the indicators of blood cells such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, which are essential for pregnant women to know the physiological and pathological conditions of the fetus. body.

1. What is a blood test?

A hemoglobin test is a test that shows blood cell counts such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, and is considered one of the clinician's first tests. A complete hematology exam will include a complete blood count, a reticulocyte count, and information on the number, morphology, staining properties, and size of the blood cells on Giemsa staining.

2. Meaning of blood test

The results of blood tests are very meaningful in orienting the diagnosis of some common hematological diseases and other related diseases. Specifically as follows:
Red blood cells If the RBC count is increased, dehydration may be caused by fever, diarrhea or malignant myeloproliferative syndrome.
If the number of red blood cells decreases, it may be due to iron deficiency, folic acid deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency or G6PD enzyme. Or it can also be caused by acute blood loss such as gastrointestinal bleeding, blood loss due to trauma, obstetric complications... The reduced red blood cell count is also due to malabsorption caused by hepatitis, cirrhosis. liver disease, cholestatic hepatitis, liver cancer, chronic gastritis... Immune hemolytic disease can also lead to this condition.
If the amount of hemoglobin HGB, the volume of red blood cells Hct increases, fever, diarrhea, burns, polycythemia may be suspected.
HGB, Hct decreased in iron deficiency, folic acid, vitamin B12, G6PD enzyme, Leukemia. It can be caused by gastrointestinal bleeding, blood loss due to traffic accidents, immune hemolysis, hemolysis in hemolytic anemia.
Average MCV erythrocyte volume, mean erythrocyte MCH hemoglobin increased in diseases of vitamin B12, folic acid deficiency, splenectomy, or stomach and intestinal malabsorption. ...
MCV, MCH decrease in iron deficiency anemia, Thalassemia. MCV, MCH are often used to survey the size of red blood cells and are effective in screening for Thalassemia.
The mean hemoglobin concentration of MCHC red blood cells is reduced, suggesting iron deficiency anemia, hemolytic anemia, hemoglobin-related disease. MCHC is often used to evaluate the normal and hypochromic status of red blood cells.
White blood cells WBC white blood cell count may be increased when the patient has acute infections such as microbial or parasitic infections. WBC is also increased in the presence of chronic or acute Leukemia, or with the use of certain medications.
WBC usually decreases if the patient's infection is too severe, it may be viral infection such as HIV, hepatitis, Dengue... Myelosuppression, myelosuppression, vitamin deficiency... or disease Patients undergoing cancer treatment can also lead to decreased WBC.
Neutrophils NEU increase in infections, granulomatous Leukemia, stress...
eosinophils eosinophils increase in parasitic infections, helminths, granulomatous Leukemia.
Basophils BASO increase when patients are poisoned, allergic...
Mono white blood cells MONO increase in infections, inflammation, cancer, viral infections...
Lymphocytes increase in viral infections, tuberculosis, Lymphocytic Leukemia...
Platelet Cells PLT platelet cell count increases with inflammation, infection, trauma, postoperative splenectomy, Leukemia, polycythemia vera, primary and secondary thrombocytosis.
PLT decrease if patient has immune thrombocytopenic purpura, myelosuppression, myelosuppression, cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, Dengue fever...
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Kết quả xét nghiệm huyết đồ rất có ý nghĩa trong việc định hướng chẩn đoán một số bệnh lý huyết học thường gặp

3. Blood test during pregnancy

Besides other necessary blood tests such as determining blood group, Rh factor, testing for infectious diseases such as Rubella virus, hepatitis B, HIV... the blood test during pregnancy is one of the most important things to do. An important test to assess the iron content of the mother's body, from which it is possible to know whether the mother is in an anemia state or not, to have a timely indication of iron supplementation.
Blood tests during pregnancy also help find blood cell disorders such as sickle cell disease or Thalassemia, which are serious diseases that cause anemia for both pregnant women and fetuses. In order to detect possible risks during pregnancy as early as possible, a woman needs to go to reputable medical facilities and perform a blood test during the first 3 months of pregnancy because this is the best time to detect abnormalities in a timely manner, thereby taking appropriate action.
Some common abnormalities that can be detected on blood tests during pregnancy are low MCV, MCH, which indicates microcytic anemia. Pregnant women with this condition are likely carriers of the Thalassemia gene and are usually clinically asymptomatic. If in this case the baby's father also carries the Thalassemia gene, the chance that the baby will be born with Thalassemia is 25%. Therefore, it is necessary to perform blood tests in a timely manner for both parents to find an appropriate plan, to avoid giving birth to a child with Thalassemia later in life.
Blood tests are of great value in diagnosing or orienting the diagnosis of many hematological diseases and other diseases in the human body. In particular, blood test during pregnancy is even more necessary as it helps pregnant women to promptly detect diseases that are dangerous to both mother and child during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women need to take blood tests during regular antenatal visits to monitor their health as well as that of the fetus.
Vì sao cần xét nghiệm yếu tố Rh khi mang thai?
Xét nghiệm huyết đồ khi mang thai còn góp phần tìm ra những bệnh lý rối loạn tế bào máu như bệnh tế bào hình liềm hoặc bệnh Thalassaemia
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