Nose hump: Causes, treatment

The protruding nose almost does not cause any health effects. However, if you feel self-conscious about the curve on your nose and it is affecting your daily life, you may consider surgically removing it.

1. Causes of a bumpy nose

The bridge of the nose is made up of bone and cartilage that connect the nose to the face. Causes of protruding nose include:
Genetics : Some people have a protruding nose, which means that they are born with a nose that tends to grow up. However, genetic protrusion does not always develop in childhood, but may develop until puberty. Trauma: Trauma to the nose can also cause mild and severe nasal bumps. A bruise on the nose or a fracture of the bridge of the nose can lead to a bump if the cartilage and bone heal unevenly.

2. How to treat hump nose?

2.1. Open nose lift

Open rhinoplasty is the most commonly used method in the treatment of hump nose. This type of surgery requires general anesthesia, in which the esthetician makes a small incision to see all the bone and cartilage under the skin.
Then, the doctor will reshape the nose contour, possibly by removing and repositioning the nasal bones to improve the shape. Once the surgery is over, you'll be in a splint or cast for up to a week, with an average of 3 weeks to fully recover.

2.2. Breast augmentation in the private area

In closed rhinoplasty, the doctor corrects the nose through the nostrils instead of making a clear incision on the bridge of the nose.
This procedure also requires general anesthesia and the doctor will realign the bone and cartilage above by manipulating through the nostrils.
A closed rhinoplasty has a faster recovery time than an open rhinoplasty with an expected full recovery time of 1 to 2 weeks.

2.3. Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also known as liquid rhinoplasty for effects lasting from 6 months to 2 years. The procedure requires local anesthesia and takes about half an hour to complete.
By using dermal fillers, the doctor will fill in the nose areas around the bumpy nose to increase the evenness of the bridge of the nose.
Liquid rhinoplasty is much less expensive than traditional rhinoplasty, recovery time is fast.
mũi gồ
Nâng mũi hở là phương pháp được sử dụng phổ biến nhất trong điều trị gồ mũi

3. Do nose bumps cause difficulty breathing?

Unlike deviated nasal septum, nasal protrusion does not affect breathing ability. Sometimes nasal protrusions can cause structural abnormalities in bone and cartilage but usually do not actually limit the nose's ability to inhale and exhale.
Trauma to the nose can cause a deviated septum with a nasal hump, that is, a nasal bulge that makes breathing difficult. However, surgical removal of the protruding nose does not necessarily improve the situation.
Rhinoplasty is a personal decision, not a medical necessity. Usually, people go for nose surgery when they are not satisfied with the shape of their nose.

4. What to ask before deciding to have surgery?

Here are some questions to ask the surgeon during the consultation before deciding to have surgery:
What is the total cost of the surgery? What are the results from this surgery? Possible complications after surgery? The doctor's experience with the surgery? How long is the recovery time after surgery? Be sure to tell your doctor about your medical condition, family medical history, and any medications you're taking.
During puberty and late teens, rhinoplasty is not possible because your face is still changing.

5. Will hump nose recur after surgery?

The protruding nose cannot "grow back" once it has been removed. After rhinoplasty, calluses at the site of bone and cartilage removal may appear in some people. The calluses themselves may resemble nasolabial folds.
Another side effect of rhinoplasty is swelling and inflammation. Any swelling from surgery should subside within a week or so.
Although it does not affect health, you can make structural changes when you have a protruding nose. However, to ensure aesthetics and health, you should choose reputable facilities to perform.
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Reference source: healthline.com

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