Prevention of toenail fungus

A fungal condition in the toenails makes this part cracked, yellow and unsightly. Even this disease causes pain when wearing shoes and sandals. Toenail fungus if not treated early can lead to infection. So what measures are there to prevent toenail fungus?

1. Learn about toenail fungus

Toenails are prone to bacterial accumulation if not cleaned and cared for regularly. When the fungus penetrates and grows into cracks in the nail or cuts in the skin, it causes toenail fungus. At this time, the toenail will have a color change and look thicker. Since then, affecting the patient's walking and quality of life due to a lot of pain.
Toenail fungus can spread to other parts of the nail, and it can even grow on the fingernails and skin. According to experts, men are more susceptible to toenail fungus than women. Elderly people are very susceptible to fungal infections due to poor resistance. In addition, patients with diabetes, frequent smokers, ... also increase the risk of this disease.
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2. Symptoms and causes of toenail fungus

To be able to effectively treat and prevent toenail fungus, you need to find out the causes and symptoms of this disease. From there, it will help the doctor more convenient in treating the disease thoroughly.
2.1. Symptoms of Toenail Fungus Based on the abnormal color of your toenails, you can determine if you have toenail fungus? Usually, this pathology shows signs of one or more toenails with a color change to white, brown, yellow. After that, the toenail will thicken and crack. If this condition is not treated early, it will cause bleeding.
Frequent broken toenails is also a symptom of toenail fungus. A fungal overgrowth can cause the nail to loosen and separate from the nail bed.
2.2. Causes of toenail fungus According to experts, the cause of toenail fungus is determined to be caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes. The growth medium for this fungus is on the skin and keratin (the main component of hair and nails).
Nấm móng chân
Nấm móng chân là do nhóm nấm dermatophyes gây ra

3. Prevention of toenail fungus

Here are some toenail fungus prevention measures:
3.1. Keep feet clean and dry Cleaning your feet and hands regularly is an easy way to eliminate bacteria buildup. You can use soap with water. Then, dry your feet, not missing the toes. Accordingly, wet toenails can make the fungus grow stronger.
3.2. Don't go barefoot A humid environment can be a breeding ground for dermatophyte fungi. When you go barefoot, you can be susceptible to fungal infections, and you can even increase your risk of getting a fungal infection from other people. That's why you are encouraged to wear bathing shoes or flip flops around public pools, changing rooms and bathrooms.
3.3. Change socks and shoes often Wearing shoes and socks every day can make your feet sweaty. Therefore, you need to change socks and dry clean regularly. Washing shoes is also important to remove sweat and bacteria. Especially for athletes, changing shoes and socks needs to be done more often.
3.4. Use shoes that fit your feet Mushrooms thrive when they wear tight shoes and socks. You should choose shoes that fit your foot size so that the toenails and toes have breathing space. Choose comfortable, sweat-wicking shoe materials.
3.5. Trimming Toenails Trimming your toenails will help prevent nail fungus. But be careful while trimming toenails because it can clip into the skin and cause skin damage.
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Phòng ngừa nấm móng chân
Cắt móng chân sẽ giúp bạn ngăn ngừa bệnh nấm móng
3.6. Use foot powder After bathing and drying your feet, you can sprinkle a little powder on the foot area. Cornstarch is one of the most popular flours. However, experts encourage you to use powder because it is effective against nail and foot fungus.
3.7. Keep nail cleaners clean Clean and disinfect nail clippers, files, and scissors after each use. You can disinfect with alcohol which can be more effective. Also, do not share these tools with others to avoid fungal infections.
3.8. Limit the use of nail polish Nail polish can be a favorable environment for fungus to grow. Therefore, you should limit the use of paint or artificial nails.
3.9. Choose a clean nail salon If you want a pedicure, you should find a salon that is licensed and well-groomed. Make sure they sterilize all of their tools after each use and before each new customer or you can bring your own sterilized tools.
3.10. Use an antifungal cream If you have had toenail fungus before, you need to use an antifungal cream to prevent a recurrence. You should use this cream as prescribed by your doctor, not arbitrarily use it to avoid unwanted side effects.
3.11. Do not use old footwear Fungi can grow in old shoes. Therefore, you need to use an antifungal spray on your newer shoes every morning before you put them on. In addition, you also need to be careful, never share shoes or socks with others.
Finally, if you notice a change in color or shape to your toenails, see your doctor. Detecting symptoms and treating them early will save you time, money and effectively treat toenail fungus in the best way.
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Reference source: webmd.com

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