Quiz: Know Your Lungs

Lungs are a very important and indispensable large organ in the body. Keeping your lungs healthy, avoiding common lung diseases is something you need to keep in mind to help your body function properly. Let us quickly answer the following multiple-choice questions that will help you understand your lungs better.
The lungs are the center of the respiratory system, responsible for gas exchange between the body and the outside environment. Basically, the lungs have a soft and spongy, elastic structure that helps bring oxygen in the air into the veins, and at the same time expels carbon dioxide from the arteries to the outside. Besides, it also plays a role in filtering toxins in the blood, transforming biochemical substances, ...
However, along with economic and social development, the environment and the air we are in Breathing is becoming more and more polluted. Toxic emissions from factories, industrial parks, smoke from vehicles, ... cause the lungs to work continuously and work hard to bring O2 into the body. One of the most common diseases at any age in the world, if not treated in time, it can easily lead to chronic diseases that seriously affect health. The questions below help you learn more about your lungs.

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