Stomach cancer treatment with surgery: What you need to know

Stomach cancer is one of the most common cancers in both sexes. The disease is completely preventable, early recognized and effectively treated if detected at an early stage.

1. What is stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer is a phenomenon in which cells in the normal structure of the stomach for some reason divide uncontrollably, multiply excessively to form tumors, invade surrounding tissues and metastasize. to other tissues and organs.
Stomach cancer is a common type of cancer, found in both men and women. If detected at an early stage, stomach cancer will be easier to treat, and the prognosis will also be much better than treatment when the disease is at an advanced stage.
2. Surgical treatment of stomach cancer 2.1 Surgery In the treatment of stomach cancer, surgery is the most basic and primary treatment for early stage disease.
At this time, the stomach can be surgically removed partially or completely, possibly with lymph node dissection.
phẫu thuật rò nang ống rốn
Điều trị ung thư dạ dày bằng phương pháp phẫu thuật

When the disease is at a late stage, the possibility of surgery as well as the results of surgery will be limited, even surgery will no longer be indicated or only temporary surgery will be performed for the purpose of re-establishing blood circulation. digestion, prolonging the patient's survival time (stage IV gastric cancer is not indicated for radical surgery, in case of necessity, only surgery to relieve symptoms is performed).
2.2 Chemotherapy and radiotherapy Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are adjuvant treatments, combined with surgery at the time of surgery, and/or postoperatively.
Besides, new, promising and promising ways to treat and support gastric cancer are immunotherapy and autologous immune-boosting therapy.

3. Indications and contraindications in gastric cancer surgery

3.1 Indications The gastric cancer has not yet reached stage IV, has not had distant metastases.
Các giai đoạn phát triển của bệnh ung thư dạ dày
Các giai đoạn phát triển của bệnh ung thư dạ dày

3.2 Contraindications Contraindications of surgery for gastric cancer:
Stomach cancer stage IV. The patient's general condition did not respond to surgery, did not meet the conditions of anesthesia. The patient refused surgery. After successful surgery, the patient can eat and drink again in a stable condition, and on average 10 to 14 days after surgery, the patient can be discharged.
Indications for surgery as well as surgical results depend greatly on the stage of the disease, the earlier the stage, the better the results, so detecting stomach cancer for treatment at the early stage is meaningful. very important.

4. Who needs to be screened for stomach cancer?

People in high-risk groups will need to undergo screening to detect stomach cancer early:
People aged 50 years and over. People with a family history of stomach cancer or other cancers of the digestive tract. People with chronic gastritis - duodenal ulcer, Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection. People with preferences, habits of consuming a lot of baked foods, salted foods or poor quality preserved foods.
thịt nướng
Những người thường xuyên ăn đồ nướng có nguy cơ mắc ung thư dạ dày

People who regularly smoke, use alcohol. People who show symptoms that are suspected to be stomach cancer, such as abdominal pain, persistent heartburn, ... Vinmec International General Hospital is applying the method of Laparoscopic resection surgery. gastric bypass and lymph node dissection in the treatment of gastric cancer and peptic ulcer disease. Surgery is performed by a team of highly qualified, experienced and well-trained doctors; system of modern medical equipment, ensuring sterilization standards, maximum support for treatment efficiency. At the same time, combined with the ERAS program (enhanced recovery after surgery) helps:
Enhance treatment ability Limit damage to the abdominal wall after surgery and the risk of intestinal obstruction due to postoperative adhesions Increase patient aesthetics less pain Less blood loss Fast recovery, short hospital stay (only 3-5 days). Thus reducing the cost of treatment for the patient.

To register for examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital, you can contact Vinmec Health System nationwide, or register online HERE.

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