The absolute alcohol injection technique is used for what diseases?

Absolute alcohol injection is a technique without anesthesia and cutlery, low cost, low recurrence rate... This method is used in the treatment of liver tumors, thyroid cysts or kidney cysts.

1. What is the absolute alcohol injection technique used for?

As a technique with advantages such as no need for anesthesia and cutlery, low cost, low recurrence rate,... Absolute alcohol injection is indicated for the following diseases:
Treatment of liver tumors Absolute alcohol (Ethanol 98%) has the effect of dehydrating the water, causing the protoplasm to clot and gradually fibrosis, from which, the blood vessels feeding the liver tumor die. However, absolute alcohol injection technique in the treatment of liver tumors is only performed when the tumor is smaller than 5cm, or the tumor is smaller than 3cm if the patient cannot have surgery.
After local anesthesia, the technician inserts an absolute alcohol needle into the liver tumor under the follow-up image of ultrasound or computed tomography. Usually, this technique will use 99.5% alcohol with a dosage of 2-10ml.
Perform alcohol injection 2 times a week, until the hyperechoic area covers the entire tumor. But for a 3cm tumor, it will usually require 6 injections, up to a maximum of 12 times.
Tumor location also affects treatment results, for example, if a patient has a liver tumor that is easily detected on ultrasound images, the treatment effect will be higher.
Treatment of thyroid cysts Absolute alcohol injection under the guidance of ultrasound in the treatment of thyroid cysts is very safe and easy to perform. This technique will cause tumor necrosis according to the principle of protein coagulation, killing secretory cells and fibrosis of ethanol-exposed tissues.
According to statistics, patients who use absolute alcohol injection technique to remove thyroid cysts smaller than 5ml, have a 100% success rate.
Treatment of kidney cysts Absolute alcohol injection is indicated for the treatment of kidney cysts in the following cases: The cyst is larger than 6cm, located below the renal capsule, at risk of rupture; Cysts cause patients to have back pain, high blood pressure, blood in urine, kidney stasis, ... or the appearance of complications of infection, bleeding...
The doctor will disinfect the skin at the lumbar hole and cause numbness at the injection site. Then, insert the needle into the renal cyst according to the ultrasound guidance, insert the guide wire into the renal cyst, and insert the catheter to drain the fluid. Finally, the doctor will inject the fibrous material into the kidney cyst using a drainage tube. Make a catheter lock so that the alcohol is absolutely inside the cyst.
The absolute alcohol injection technique in the treatment of kidney cysts brings high efficiency, helps to drain the fluid through laparoscopy and has few complications, the recurrence rate due to cystic fibrosis is low, and it can be overcome. limited when performing previous surgical treatment.
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Tiêm cồn tuyệt đối có ưu điểm không cần gây mê và dao kéo, chi phí không cao, tỷ lệ tái phát thấp.

2. Advantages of absolute alcohol injection technique compared to surgery

Advantages of absolute alcohol injection technique compared to surgical methods are as follows:
Uncomplicated implementation: Absolute alcohol injection technique does not require anesthesia, does not need to use cutlery. Low cost: Absolute alcohol injection has a lower cost than surgery, high efficiency, and safety for patients. Minimally invasive: Patients can be discharged from the hospital after 2-3 hours of absolute alcohol injection. High aesthetic: Does not leave scars like surgery. Good control of bleeding: The absolute alcohol injection technique can control bleeding during the procedure. In summary, liver tumors, thyroid cysts and kidney cysts are dangerous diseases if not diagnosed and treated promptly. Therefore, as soon as the first signs appear, the patient should go to a reputable medical facility for examination and appropriate treatment regimen. Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital is one of the top quality hospitals in the country, trusted by a large number of patients for medical examination and treatment. Not only the physical system, modern equipment: 6 ultrasound rooms, 4 DR X-ray rooms (1 full-axis machine, 1 light machine, 1 general machine and 1 mammography machine) , 2 DR portable X-ray machines, 2 multi-row CT scanner rooms (1 128 rows and 1 16 arrays), 2 Magnetic resonance imaging rooms (1 3 Tesla and 1 1.5 Tesla), 1 room for 2 levels of interventional angiography and 1 room to measure bone mineral density.... Vinmec is also the place to gather a team of experienced doctors and nurses who will greatly assist in diagnosis and detection. early signs of abnormality in the patient's body. In particular, with a space designed according to 5-star hotel standards, Vinmec ensures to bring the patient the most comfort, friendliness and peace of mind.

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