The truth about face serums

The unique formula helps the serum to be light in texture and quickly absorbed into the skin. Coupled with its high concentration of skin-nourishing essences, the serum is far more effective than most other facial care products.

1. What is serum?

Faster and lighter is probably what many of us want when choosing a car, laptop,... But did you know, fast and light are also outstanding properties of serums. Skin care, a type of facial care product that is highly appreciated, although it has only appeared a few years ago. With light liquid properties, fast absorption of nutrients into the skin, skin serums can be used in place of creams or used in combination with creams.
Serum and regular lotion have a big difference in formula. If the cream contains a lot of mineral oil and petroleum-based substances to help retain moisture and limit water vapor from the skin's surface, the serum formula removes most of these substances. Serums also have very little oil extracted from nuts, substances that help thicken and thicken the product. Since most of the oil is removed from the product, the serum contains a high concentration of skin-nourishing essences such as antioxidants, peptides, skin lighteners, etc. Its light water-based texture helps the serum absorb into the skin easily. fast way.
Sáng da
Serum có tác dụng chất chống oxy và làm sáng da

2. Skin serum costs and benefits

Due to the high concentration of nutrients, serums are one of the most expensive products in facial cosmetics. However, because only a small amount is used each time, a bottle of skin serum can be used for many months. Cosmetic brands often produce serums in spray bottles or jars with droppers to make it easier to get a small amount to use.
Even if you only use a few drops at a time, the serum can give unexpected results. The lipophilic substances in conventional creams have a good effect on helping to lock in moisture, but they are also a barrier that makes it difficult for skin care ingredients to absorb. Because the formula does not contain these substances, the active ingredients in the serum penetrate the skin faster and more effectively. The benefits from the serum such as skin smoothing, wrinkle removal, age spots reduction, skin regeneration... are superior to most facial skin care products. When applying the serum to the skin, it feels very light, not greasy.
However, not everyone can use serum. The liquid or gel texture of a serum may not be suitable for people with chronic skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. Because the skin barrier in these people is already weakened, serums can penetrate too quickly into the skin, causing irritation. As for people with dry skin, dermatologists recommend not using serum alone, but should combine serum with moisturizer. Serum is applied first, you massage your face for the serum to fully absorb into the skin, then apply a layer of moisturizer on top.
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Những người bị hồng ban không nên dùng serum

3. How to choose the right skin care serum

To choose a suitable skin serum, determine what you want from the product. If you want to smooth wrinkles and prevent signs of aging, choose a serum containing stem cells or peptides. For those of you with less irritated skin, you can use a serum with more diverse ingredients than retinol, antioxidants, vitamin C and kojic acid, etc. You can also choose between a day serum and a serum. used for night. The daytime serum should contain antioxidants to help protect the skin, and the night serum should contain retinol, stem cells, peptides,... to help restore skin, stimulate collagen production to make the skin firm and healthy. .
For the best facial care effect, you should combine serum with other skin care products, especially moisturizer.
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Kết hợp serum và kem dưỡng ẩm giúp chăm sóc da tốt hơn

4. How to use serums properly

For the serum to be most effective, please read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before use. In general, serums will be applied to the skin before products with a heavier texture. Specifically:
In the morning: after washing your face, apply a skin serum, then apply moisturizer and sunscreen. In the evening: after washing your face, apply a serum, then apply a night cream. Serums will work better after cleansing and exfoliating. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should not exfoliate regularly. Always remember that serums must be applied before skin care products with oil-based ingredients, because serums contain high concentrations of skin-nourishing ingredients. If applied later, these skin care essences will be hindered from being absorbed, making it difficult to penetrate deeply into the skin.
Reference source: webmd.com

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