Tissue elastography in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer

The article was professionally consulted by Doctor Trinh Le Hong Minh - Radiologist - Radiology Department - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.
Thyroid cancer is a common cancer in women, especially young people, with an increasing rate. Therefore, early detection and diagnosis of thyroid cancer plays a very important role to help the cure rate in the early stages reach nearly 100%. With the development of science, now the technique of elastography ultrasound can help diagnose the hardness of thyroid tumors, thereby making an assessment of the malignancy of the disease.

1. What is Thyroid Tissue Elastography?

Tissue elastography is a new ultrasound technique that helps determine organ stiffness and damage. This technique is performed as routine ultrasound on an ultrasound machine that features tissue elastography. Therefore, this technique is non-invasive and does not cause pain to the patient. The accuracy of the technique can reach 90% compared to biopsies for pathology, which helps to reduce unnecessary organ biopsies for the patient.
Ultrasound elastography of thyroid tissue will evaluate the stiffness of the tissue through the degree of elasticity when subjected to mechanical force. In which, the pathological tissues may have the same thermal response but they have different stiffness, the more malignant the tissue, the higher the hardness. Therefore, when assessing the stiffness of the damaged tissue, it means providing more information about the nature of that tissue.
Siêu âm đàn hồi mô
Siêu âm đàn hồi mô là kỹ thuật siêu âm mới không xâm lấn và cho độ chính xác cao
Pathological tissues have the same echogenicity, on B-mode ultrasound images it is difficult to distinguish benign or malignant properties, Doppler ultrasound can further support the diagnosis. Malignant neoplasms often proliferate more blood vessels, but in many cases vascular proliferation is not obvious, so it is difficult to distinguish benign or malignant nature. Tissue elastography will help to add information about the characteristics of the damaged tissue to increase the diagnostic ability, so elastography is always done with B mode ultrasound and never alone. poison.

2. Advantages and applications of ultrasound elastography in thyroid cancer:

Thyroid tissue elastography helps diagnose thyroid nodules. When doing B-mode ultrasound, a focal lesion is found, in addition to identifying the lesion morphology. We classify according to TIRADS to determine the degree of benign or malignant, Doppler probe to assess the perfusion status, and do Elastogram to determine the hardness will allow assessment of benign or malignant nature of the lesion. More accurate lesions and more accurate indications for biopsy
It can be seen that elastography is a superior method in diagnosing thyroid cancer because of the following reasons:
Tissue elastography is the second turning point after Doppler ultrasound in the ultrasound specialty, helping to assess the stiffness of the tissue thereby making judgments about the properties of the damaged tissue Helps to increase the specificity of the diagnosis and at the same time narrows the indication for biopsy without don't miss the hurt
ung thư tuyến giáp
Siêu âm đàn hồi mô là phương pháp có nhiều ưu việt trong chẩn đoán ung thư tuyến giáp

Ultrasound elastography of the thyroid nodule helps to diagnose more accurately, avoids missing thyroid cancer, reduces unnecessary biopsies and accurately points to the location of thyroid nodule biopsies This is an easy method to perform and is less dependent. A reliable reference standard (AUROC = 0.731) to help consider performing FNA and choosing the optimal location to collect cells Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital has a package of SCREENING, SCREENING FOR DISEASE LY LINES. When choosing the Package of Screening and Screening for Thyroid Diseases at Vinmec, you will be examined by experienced thyroid specialists to help screen and detect common thyroid diseases early. variables such as: simple goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer,...
At the same time, you will have blood tests, evaluate levels of functional hormones thyroid such as FT3, FT4, TSH, Anti - TPO, Anti TG and ultrasound, scan to evaluate the structure of the thyroid gland. After that, when the results are returned to the doctor, you will be consulted about thyroid pathology, and discuss the appropriate treatment options for yourself. From there, thyroid disease will be prevented in time, avoiding long-term health damage in the future.

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