Treatment of syphilis according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health

Chlamydia is an acute sexually transmitted infection. The disease can cause destruction of the genital organs, so it should be properly diagnosed and treated promptly according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

1. What is chancroid?

Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease manifested by a painful ulcer in the external genital area accompanied by inflammation of the purulent inguinal lymph nodes. Then the ulcer can improve well after 1 week of treatment, the inguinal lymph node heals more slowly.
The cause of chancroid is Haemophilus ducreyi, a gram-negative bacillus that is transmitted by direct sexual contact. The incidence of chancroid today is relatively rare, men are affected more often than women. Transmitted from person to person through sexual intercourse with a person who has H. ducreyi in the sores.
There is a certain percentage of patients with chancroid associated with syphilis, or herpes, increasing the possibility of HIV transmission, so when infected with chancroid, serologic tests should be done for diagnosis and treatment. at the same time.
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2. Common symptoms of syphilis

The incubation period is usually 3-10 days and there are no symptoms. Then H. Ducreyi bacteria penetrates through the epidermal sores during sex, and at the same time, this bacteria continues to invade the lymph nodes causing lymphadenitis
The first manifestation of chancroid is a soft papule on the skin. , around the papule with a red halo, after 2 to 3 days, it develops into a pustule and then bursts to form a slide and ulcer. Features of the ulcer: Soft and painful, the ulcer is clear, the ulcer is covered with yellow or gray necrotic purulent exudate, under the ulcer is pus granules, easy to bleed, and edematous around the lesion.
Manifestations of ulcers are different in men and women:
Men with sores often have painful or painful inguinal lymphadenitis. The location of ulcers in the foreskin, glans glans, the body of the penis. In females, symptoms are often not obvious. Location of sores in vulva, labia majora, labia minora, vagina, clitoris, cervix, anus..., extra-genital locations such as breasts, fingers, thighs, oral mucosa. Symptoms may include pain when urinating, pain during bowel movements, rectal bleeding, pain during intercourse, or vaginal discharge. Inflammatory inguinal lymphadenopathy is usually unilateral, appearing 1-2 weeks after the first lesion appears. The lymph nodes are swollen, hot, red, painful, hot, then gradually become soft and burst and spontaneously burst with solid pus.
Symptoms of the whole body mild fever, fatigue.
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3. Diagnostic test for chancroid

Specimen should be taken from the bottom of the ulcer, then the following tests should be done:
Gram stain, Gram-negative bacilli like swimming fish but difficult to recognize Bacterial culture on agar Nutrient rich with hemoglobin and serum . Bacterial growth after 2-4 days may take longer PCR test: Is a highly sensitive and specific test for early diagnosis of chancroid

4. Treatment of cambium

Currently, there are many drugs against bacteria that cause chancroid, so the Ministry of Health recommends using 1 of 4 current treatment drugs such as: Ceftriaxon, Azithromycin, Spectinomycin, Erythromycin should be used intravenously to achieve effective fruit. Can be combined with lymphadenectomy to drain the pus out of the lymph nodes to help the patient recover quickly.
For people with HIV, antibiotics are needed for a longer time.
Disease course: The disease is usually effective, feeling better after 2-3 days of treatment and recovering after about 1 week. Swollen inguinal lymph nodes usually heal more slowly.
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5. Prevention of syphilis

It is necessary to carry out propaganda and education for the community on how to transmit, complications and ways to prevent disease and avoid transmission to babies. Practice safe sex monogamous relationships. Use measures to prevent sexually transmitted infections such as condoms when having sex. Vinmec International General Hospital offers a package of Examination and Screening for social diseases to help customers detect diseases early and have effective treatment and prevent dangerous complications. The screening package for social diseases at Vinmec is for all ages, both men and women.
To register for examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital, you can contact Vinmec Health System nationwide, or register online HERE.

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