Treatment of vascular wounds in the neck

The neck is an important area containing large blood vessels, so injuries in this area need to be given great attention and treated promptly. One of the dangerous incidents related to the vascular area in the neck is the appearance of vascular wounds in the neck. So when this situation occurs, how to handle it, the following content will be shared with you.

1. Causes of neck vascular injury

The most common causes of broken blood vessels in the neck are subjective causes and external influences such as cutting the throat, committing suicide, being stabbed by a knife, being gored by cattle or traffic accidents.
If it is a neck knife wound, it is usually a horizontal incision, slightly tilted to one side. Thyroid cartilage is often severed, cricoid cartilage, funnel cartilage and esophagus are also damaged.
If it is a wound caused by a buffalo, it often creates very large holes, the tissue around the wound is often crushed.
Wounds in the neck are also the result of bullets fired from a distance or a bullet fired at close range. With bullets fired from a distance, the neck wound will have an inlet and an exit hole, the exit hole is crushed and the entry hole is less damaged. The wound usually stops in the larynx.
In addition, traffic accidents are also one of the causes of broken blood vessels in the neck.
Bị dao đâm
Những nguyên nhân gây ra đứt mạch máu vùng cổ đa số do nguyên nhân chủ quan và những tác động từ bên ngoài như cắt cổ tự tử, bị dao đâm

2. How to treat vascular wounds in the neck?

With injuries related to the blood vessels in the neck, it is necessary to quickly treat it promptly, otherwise it will lead to rapid death. Patients need to be applied neck wound management protocol when treating neck vascular wounds.
First, the patient will be given first aid to prevent asphyxiation if the patient's larynx or trachea is torn or crushed. Conduct tracheostomy for patients in cases such as patients with difficulty in hatching, extensive mucosal tear or multiple subcutaneous emphysema.
With small lesions that can heal on their own and do not leave many sequelae, the patient can be treated medically and monitored. Patients are indicated to use systemic corticosteroids in the first days after the injury to help fight swelling, inflammation, and edema. Apply bed rest, limit talking.
With severe cases, the patient will be indicated for surgery. The surgical access route can be used at the wound site. With often zigzag wounds, the wound is made wider and the bleeding is stopped, and the foreign body is taken out. Rely on film and surgery on the X-ray table to be able to find foreign bodies.
For complicated neck injuries, put a support device such as a gloved finger, dilatation or T-tube. Broken stress cartilage without displacement, rupture of anterior arch and rupture of tracheal cartilage will have different suture options. together.
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Với trường hợp nặng, bệnh nhân sẽ được chỉ định phẫu thuật

3. Factors affecting the results of treatment of vascular wounds in the neck

Factors such as damage coordination, treatment time, technical equipment for vascular connections or the ability to anesthetize resuscitation play an extremely important role in the effectiveness of neck vascular wound management.
The patient will quickly die soon after if not applied measures to treat the vascular wound in the neck. This is an extremely serious neck accident, which needs to be understood properly and enough to apply timely handling measures.
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