Trigger vestibular migraine

Vestibular migraine headaches often have manifestations such as dizziness, dizziness or sensitivity to the surrounding environment. Vestibular is used to refer to the system in the ear responsible for body balance. Vestibular migraine syndrome is considered one of the most common conditions of the nervous system.

1. Factors that cause vestibular disorders

Based on data analysis in patients with vestibular migraine, food, psychology and lifestyle habits are the main influences.

1.1 Foods that Trigger Migraines Vestibular Disorders

Food is the source of some diseases if we do not pay attention. More surprising is that some less healthy foods have been found to cause vestibular migraines after research. You should limit the following foods if you have migraine symptoms: Alcohol, coffee, cheese and dairy products, chocolate, citrus fruits, high-fat foods, MSG, processed foods available variable. While certain foods can trigger vestibular migraines, this will vary from patient to patient. If the body or brain interacts, the new syndrome is activated. Therefore, this cause needs to be examined and tested more thoroughly before an official conclusion is reached.

1.2 Hormonal changes cause you vestibular migraines

Hormonal disorders will affect the health of people, especially women. Endogenous hormones influenced by hormones will not be able to keep the balance for the body. The hormone estrogen has been implicated in headache syndromes. According to research, high levels of this hormone will lead to headaches. At the same time, if the concentration is unstable, it also causes blood pressure fluctuations and inflammation, which is also an indirect cause of vestibular migraine.

1.3 Headache caused by psychological stress

Psychological stress, whether physical or physiological, can affect headaches. When psychological stress will weaken the nervous system and affect health. At the same time, if the patient has experienced an accident or head injury, it will be more affected when diagnosing vestibular headache. Psychological stress causes the hypothalamus in the brain to be activated, causing pain.

1.4 Unstable restless sleep

Sleep has a significant impact on life and health. When sleep is not good or restless, it will affect the nervous system and brain, making the syndromes in this area increase the risk of worsening. This signal causes long-term activation of the thalamus and ganglia, which affects the brain.

1.5 Effects of weather on vestibular migraine

Changes in weather or light can stimulate the body to cause negative biochemical reactions. Unbalanced pressure affects body pressure. When suddenly changing environmental indicators, especially pressure, will cause the body to suffer great damage. An impact such as bright light or flashing lights can cause visual discomfort. The eye is a part of the brain that is close to the brain, so when the eyes feel uncomfortable, the brain will be affected and cause prolonged pain syndrome.

2. Signs of vestibular migraine

Vestibular migraine is also known as migraine syndrome. This name reflects the specific symptom of the syndrome. Most patients with this syndrome will experience a headache that ranges from mild with only a slight throbbing to severe and persistent dullness that does not stop. Therefore, the patient will be sensitive to light and sound. To confirm, you can check some of the following symptoms:
Frequent feeling of dizziness, dizziness with nausea The body has difficulty in balance, easy to fall When moving or working, it is easy to get dizzy Sensitive senses sensitive to light, sound and smell. Some symptoms may not be obvious, making it difficult to detect the disease. Therefore, vestibular migraines need to go through 5 painful stages with specific symptoms of vestibular disease. Usually, the pain can last for a long time and in about 5 minutes to 72 hours you should pay attention and notify your doctor soon.

3. Guidelines to limit danger for patients with migraine with vestibular disorders

If food has an effect, then adjusting the diet is a good option for the patient. The first thing you need to do is determine what foods you feel after eating. If it is true that it is caused by food, change your diet to reduce irritation. At the same time, you should choose a nutritious menu with a moderate living habit.
Pain relievers can limit pain, but should not be used arbitrarily, but based on a doctor's prescription. When determining the condition of your body, you can refer to additional preventive drugs for convenient use when needed.
In addition to changing food or using medication, psychological therapy can be used. Psychological stress is the cause of headaches. You can have acupuncture or nerve stimulation to relax and relieve pain as needed.
How to cure unstable vestibular headache. The method will be selected depending on the object. If you would like more information contact your neurologist.

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