Useful or exaggerated skin masks?

Skin masks are a topic of sharing all over the internet, with attractive advertisements such as helping to rejuvenate the skin, making the skin brighter. However, the real use and effectiveness of these masks are not well understood.

1. Face masks really help your skin become more beautiful?

Although it is a face mask that is very popular among women today; However, it must be said: scientific evidence shows that it has only a limited effect on users. From the perspective of estheticians, the doctor said that the use of a skin mask is not necessary for the maintenance of a healthy, rosy, bright skin.
On the contrary, some skin care professionals and even some dermatologists feel that the use of face masks is comfortable and has a positive effect on skin care. . And there are also some scientific studies that show it actually works.
Some masks work to temporarily slow down the natural drying process of the skin (doctors call it transepidermal water loss). A face mask is a thin film that has moisturizing properties or contains substances to temporarily promote skin hydration, soften skin, and temporarily reduce wrinkles.
And with fast-acting active ingredients on the skin, they make the mask fast-acting and immediately effective. Dermatologists also rely on this principle - the principle of fast-acting compounds to relieve symptoms of severe itching on the skin, for example in the case of psoriasis or eczema). A more specific example would be some topical cortisone creams that are applied to the wound and then fixed and covered with a cloth or well-fitting pajamas to relieve itching more quickly.)
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2. Unwanted effects when using skin care masks

Although face masks are said to be quite safe and quality. Some ingredients in the mask can cause some unwanted reactions on the skin as follows:
Itchy, red, or red skin. The ingredients in the nourishing mask cause itchiness or skin irritation. for users. If your skin reacts like this, or you have a sensitive skin, it's best not to use it.

3. How many times a week should the mask be used?

Even for those doctors who think that face masks are good, they also recommend that we should not abuse them. We should use the mask once a week or once a month and remember to check the ingredients of the mask when choosing a product out of thousands of products on the market.
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4. You should choose a mask that is suitable for your facial skin

With dry, chapped or aging skin, you can choose masks that contain hyaluronic acid, glycerin or dimethicone. Some people may prefer a honey mask or a clay mask. These masks will provide moisture to help soften the skin quickly. Note, however, that a rich, fragrance-free, moisturizer is said to be more effective than any other face mask at hydrating, chapping, and anti-wrinkle skin. For blemish-prone skin, a clay mask, a mask containing charcoal, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or essential oils can help remove dead cells and soothe the skin. For those with dull or aging skin, masks containing glycolic acid or retinol are compounds that can lighten skin and exfoliate. Face masks do not give you a magical effect. But based on the actual effects and safety for the skin, the use of face masks can completely be maintained in regular skin care.
Articles are referenced from blogs.webmd.com.

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