What disease will polysomnography help detect?

Polysomnography is a medical term, is a method of measuring the body's activities during sleep. The polysomnography machine is used to measure polysomnography to diagnose the cause of various types of sleep disorders. So what is polysomnography, what diseases are detected and how is it used?

1. What is polysomnography?

Polysomnography is the process of recording all body activities during night sleep. The patient will be diagnosed with a sleep disorder and used a polysomnogram.
During sleep, the polysomnography machine will record and transmit to the computer body activity information including:
Electroencephalogram Eye movement Chin muscle tone Heart rate Foot movement Breathing flow Breathing movement Degree Oxygen saturation Camera records all sleeping activities during the night.
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Máy đa ký giấc ngủ có thể ghi lại điện não trong khi ngủ

Sleep polysomnography is a safe, non-invasive sleep disorder diagnosis similar to an electrocardiogram. The multi-sleep device is specifically designed to measure body activity during sleep, so it will help patients relax, pain-free while sleeping. The electrodes are glued to the scalp, near the eyes, near the chin, on the chest, near the nose and mouth....no pain. The patient is given a wireless transmitter and transmits the received signals to the server, without hindering travel. After the polysomnography was completed, the machine's electrodes were gently removed.
Through the indicators that the polysomnography machine gives, it can help doctors best diagnose different types of sleep disorders, know what kind of sleep disorder the patient is suffering from. appropriate treatment orientation.

2. What disease does the polysomnography help detect?

Sleep polysomnography helps diagnose and identify sleep disorders such as:
Nervous or respiratory sleep apnea narcolepsy Insomnia Restless leg syndrome Sleep-related disorders such as nightmares dreams Periodic limb movements (legs, arms) Sleep-related disorders

3. Who should perform polysomnography?

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Những người bị béo phì,mất ngủ không rõ nguyên nhân nên thực hiện đo đa ký giấc ngủ

People with obesity, snoring, unexplained insomnia. People who drink a lot of alcohol People who suffer from long-lasting and recurrent Ear - nose - throat diseases People with diseases of high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes,... diseases that are difficult to control

4. Some notes when measuring polysomnography

Patients needing polysomnography should note the following:
Before the night of polysomnography, the patient should avoid napping, should not use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, coffee.. Dinner should only be light, limiting foods rich in protein and fat. Wear light, comfortable and comfortable clothes when sleeping Can read books to make it easier to fall asleep If the patient is taking medication, it is necessary to provide complete information about the drugs being taken to the doctor . To measure polysomnography, patients can go to Vinmec Health system. At Vinmec, equipped with a modern polysomnographic sleep monitoring system, patients will have accurate measurement results. In addition, there is a team of highly specialized neurologists, experienced in diagnosing and treating neurological diseases in general and sleep disorders in particular.

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