What disease can vitamin A deficiency cause?

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Vitamin A is an extremely important nutrient for human health. A deficiency of this vitamin will lead to many diseases that adversely affect health, especially eye problems.

1. Vitamin A deficiency causes dangerous eye diseases

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps protect the eyes. Promotes mucosal and corneal health. It also fights infections caused by bacteria or viruses. Vitamin A plays an important role in supporting the structure of lacrimal epithelial cells, protecting cell membranes against hypoxia and free radical damage.
Vitamin A will participate directly in the reactions in rods and cones in the retina. This substance also helps create the pigment of the retina to regulate the eyes and support the eyes to see better in low-light environments.
Thiếu vitamin A gây ra nhiều bệnh về mắt
Vitamin A is also a structural component and helps the tear film to adhere to the surface of the cornea. Without Vitamin A, the human body will suffer from many eye-related diseases such as night blindness, increased production of squamous cells that cause surface keratinization, damage and instability of the tear film, thereby causing dry eyes.
Long-term dry eyes can cause conjunctivitis (mild, do not need to see a doctor) and keratitis. In particular, long-term keratitis will turn into corneal scarring, causing temporary blurred vision or permanent blindness if not treated promptly.
Common signs of dry eye disease include:
Night blindness: reduced vision in low light conditions. Dry and burning sensation in the eyes. Eye pain ranges from mild to severe. Red eyes Upper and lower eyelids stick together. Temporary or permanent blurred vision Fear of bright light Or pain in the eye socket Due to the irritation of the lacrimal glands, they often produce tears.

2. Lack of vitamin A, children are susceptible to many diseases

Vitamin giúp bé tăng trưởng chiều cao
Vitamin A plays an important role in the development of young children such as height growth, immunity enhancement, vision enhancement...
If vitamin A deficiency is often fatigue, poor appetite, growth retardation development, dry skin and hair loss. The immune system and resistance are weak, so they are prone to diseases of the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin.
The obvious symptom is night blindness in young children: This is a condition where vision is reduced when encountering low-light conditions. In the evening, children often become shy, sit still, do not dare to walk or play. Children often have to follow the wall when walking or walking or tripping, they cannot find toys and do not hold the right food that their mother gives them. In addition, there are other symptoms due to vitamin A deficiency such as dry cornea, dry conjunctival membrane, conjunctival horny, deformed,... In case of severe vitamin A deficiency, it can cause corneal malaise, corneal ulceration. retina and blindness.

3. Vitamin A deficiency is prone to skin diseases

Vitamin A helps maintain skin's moisture, protects skin against bacterial invasion. Removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Helps eliminate skin infections, combats dryness and flaking on the skin. Helps blood circulate to the surface of the skin so that the skin is fully nourished with nutrients, thereby giving us rosy, healthy skin.
Thiếu vitamin A gây khô da
Vitamin A deficiency will cause the skin to become infected with bacteria, causing itching, dryness, scaling, rough skin, and inactive sebaceous glands. In addition to eye diseases, children are prone to many diseases, or skin diseases. Vitamin A deficiency also causes cirrhosis or chronic cholestasis because vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining liver function, keeping the liver healthy and detoxifying well.

4. Some effective ways to prevent vitamin A deficiency

Supplement vitamin A through food eaten daily: foods rich in vitamin A such as eggs, fish, meat, animal liver, shrimp, vegetables with high carotene content such as water spinach, lettuce, spinach, vegetables amaranth,... Vegetables such as gac, carrots, papaya, mango...
With young children: should breastfeed, because breast milk is the best source of vitamin A for young children . Also take regular vitamin A tablets as directed by your doctor. Add foods rich in vitamin A to your baby's daily menu. It is recommended to have regular health check-ups to promptly detect if vitamin A deficiency will have a timely treatment plan.
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