What is an open bite? How to treat an open bite?

An open bite is one of the most serious and difficult to treat conditions in the malocclusion. Learning in detail about the causes, signs, and treatment options for open bite cases will help you minimize the negative effects on your oral health.

1. What is an open bite?

Open bite malocclusion, this is a special form of malocclusion group, this type of joint causes negative effects on the aesthetics and especially the function of the teeth. .
When the bite is open, the groups of open front teeth will make it possible to see the tongue even when the mouth is closed in a normal state of rest, because the teeth of the upper and lower jaws cannot touch each other. Okay.
Some outstanding features of an open bite include:
The group of teeth in both jaws (including the main incisors, side doors, and canines) cannot touch each other, creating gaps in the front. . The maxillary incisor arch will usually have a V-shaped shape. The posterior group of teeth such as premolars and molars can still contact each other at the chewing surface. In general, the correlation of the three parts of the face, the forehead, the nose, and the chin, can still be normal, lying in a straight line without bending. However, if the open bite is deformed into a protruding tooth, the above relationship will not be the same as it was before, and bends will appear.
Lệch khớp cắn
Khớp cắn bị hở khiến nhìn thấy cả lưỡi khi miệng ở trạng thái nghỉ

2. What causes open bite?

Full open bite can be inherited from birth or formed by daily bad habits such as thumb sucking, pen biting, tongue thrusting, pacifier sucking at an early age.
To overcome the conditions caused by life habits, to improve these bad habits, you just need to regularly modify your baby and build healthy, good oral habits.
But if the main cause of an open bite is hereditary, it is almost impossible to prevent, so after the tooth structure is complete, you can proceed with some suitable treatment regimens. Perfect for rebuilding your teeth.

3. How to treat open bite?

3.1. Treatment at the developmental stage In the early stages of forming an open bite, the doctor can analyze the causes formed from daily habits such as tongue thrusting, thumb sucking to give appropriate treatment, help children Stop these habits with specialized devices, such as plastic retainers.
If the main cause is narrow or concave bones of the upper jaw, the patient can wear an arch extender to bring the arch out and close the open bite.
Niềng răng bằng mắc cài trong suốt
Sử dụng máng nhựa duy trì để điều trị hở khớp cắn ở giai đoạn phát triển

3.2. Treatment at the growth stoppage In this stage, the selection of regular and balanced displacement of the upper incisors group with the lower incisor group by basic orthodontic methods is evaluated as ineffective. fruit.
At that time, the doctor will base on the actual condition along with the cause of the patient's open bite to be able to choose one of the following 3 treatment methods:
Option 1: Apply braces metal brackets
This method focuses on the 3 most basic goals which are:
Subsidence of the molars Extrusion of the incisors of the two jaws Enlarging the maxillary incisors To achieve all these 3 goals Then the doctor applies specialized orthodontic techniques with typical tools such as lip arches, elastic bands, screw braces, and minivis braces, ... finally, the bracket system.
Thanks to the use of metal brackets along with a super-tighten arch wire, the ability to align open bite teeth is extremely perfect, can move teeth to desired positions, creating bite marks. harmonize without adversely affecting the structure of real teeth.
Option 2: Making porcelain teeth to shape the teeth
This is a method to change the appearance and structure of the front teeth group, can treat open bite quickly, bring high aesthetics, time Treatment time is also extremely quick, only takes 2-3 days.
To perform this technique, the doctor needs to check the patient's open bite to come up with a plan to sharpen the outside of the teeth, then wrap a new, balanced porcelain crown. and aesthetics with other teeth.
Có nên mài răng làm răng sứ?
Mài răng bọc răng sứ để khắc phục tình trạng hở khớp cắn

The process of grinding porcelain teeth must be controlled extremely strictly and closely by highly skilled professionals to ensure the lowest rate of tooth grinding but still must be scientific and bring good results. give patients a bright, harmonious and balanced smile after treatment.
However, the braces time of this method usually lasts relatively long (12-24 months), causing the brackets not to be cleaned meticulously, which can cause a lot of trouble for users.
Option 3: Jaw surgery
This method is often done for cases where the open bite is caused by bone, in order to correct the correlation of the bite.
Each method has different costs and implementation time, but the common feature is that it can solve the problem of open bite, giving you a bright smile, confidence when communicating, Make a positive change in your life.
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