What is day blindness?

Day blindness causes patients many difficulties in living, working and studying. What is the cause of the disease and how to treat day blindness most effectively?

1. What is day blindness?

Day blindness is the opposite of night blindness, when suffering from this disease, the patient is completely unable to see clearly during the day, their vision becomes worse and most patients do not like it. light exposure, although there is no eye pain or discomfort when exposed.
When it comes to night or darkness, the patient's vision will return to normal and most people feel better when it is dark.
Each day blind patient will have different signs such as poor clear vision, often unable to see clearly when driving and slow adaptation to light changes in intensity. Day blindness can only be diagnosed accurately in hospitals. In addition to the clinical examination, the doctor will assign the patient to perform a few tests, including a blood test with the aim of measuring the patient's vitamin and blood sugar levels.

2.Causes of day blindness

Thuốc chống động kinh
Sử dụng thuốc chống động kinh cũng dẫn tới bệnh mù ban ngày

The following are the causes of day blindness:
The patient has a number of diseases such as amblyopia, albinism, cataracts, some diseases affecting the cones in the retina Day blindness is caused by certain eye conditions such as cone dystrophy, color blindness Antiepileptic drugs are also believed to cause day blindness. Some other causes such as Cohen syndrome

3.Who is at risk of day blindness?

Actually people of all ages can experience day blindness, however the elderly have a higher incidence because of the risk of cataract formation. In addition, people in the following groups have a high risk of this disease:
People with inadequate nutrition, especially vitamin A deficiency for a long time. Vitamin A has long been known to play an important role in converting nerve impulses into retinal images. People with pancreatic insufficiency have difficulty absorbing fats while vitamin A is fat-soluble, making it invisible. make patients more susceptible to day blindness. People with diabetes are also at risk for day blindness.

4. How to treat day blindness?

Không nên tự ý bổ sung vitamin A khi chưa có sự chỉ định của bác sĩ
Trường hợp mù ban ngày do thiếu vitamin A cần bổ sung theo hướng dẫn của bác sĩ

Depending on the patient's condition and the cause of day blindness, the doctor will recommend different treatment methods for day blindness as follows:
Day blindness caused by cataracts will improve significant if the patient undergoes surgery to replace the cloudy lens with an artificial lens. Nowadays, vitreous replacement has become simpler with the phaco method, which is a modern, safe, highly effective method that does not cause bleeding or pain.
Day blindness due to vitamin A deficiency: The patient will be prescribed tonics according to the instructions of the doctor. In addition to oral vitamin A supplementation, patients can supplement through the use of foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, mangoes, beef liver...
Day blindness due to genetic defects transmission: If the cause of day blindness is hereditary, there is no cure, the patient has to live with this disease for the rest of his life.
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