Why take X-rays before braces?

The article is expertly consulted by Master, Doctor Nguyen Thi Mai Anh - Doctor of Radiology - Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine - Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.
Braces are one of the methods that many people choose to have healthy, beautiful teeth. But not everyone knows why an X-ray is required before braces. Find out in the article below.

1. What are braces?

Braces is a dental term, talking about a technique to move teeth to the right position by using specialized appliances such as brackets, braces, ... for the purpose of bringing the bite to the standard ratio, Helps you to have beautiful, balanced teeth.
With the strong development in dental technology and techniques, today's orthodontic braces method is performed by many different methods and tools, giving customers the convenience and comfort of choosing. according to your wishes.

2. Why take x-ray when braces?

To perform braces, the doctor must develop a specific treatment plan for each case. To be able to make an accurate diagnosis and plan a reasonable treatment, the doctor must clearly understand the characteristics of the jawbone, the tooth axis, the degree of misalignment of the teeth and the hardness of the teeth... X-ray before braces is very necessary. Through the images obtained from taking X-ray films when braces are combined with images of the oral cavity, facial appearance, and taking impressions of jaw samples, the doctor can make accurate judgments and judgments about the problem. teeth condition, the direction of tooth movement after braces and a specific plan for each case.
Braces in orthodontics is a long-term treatment, from 2 to 3 years, this may cause the doctor to not be able to remember all of his treatment, or the patient will forget the previous teeth. when wearing your own braces. Therefore, taking X-rays will allow doctors and patients to have a more comprehensive and accurate view of the braces process.
Xquang răng
Chụp x quang khi niềng răng là việc làm cần thiết và quan trọng
Besides, X-ray film is one of the best ways to store information about the patient's teeth and jawbone condition, based on the images on the film through the scans, the doctor and the patient can see the difference. tooth movement as well as the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment.
Do X-rays with braces hurt?
People who have never had an X-ray may fear pain during the scan. However, in fact, the X-ray procedure when braces are extremely simple, painless, after only about 5 seconds you can see the general shape and condition of your teeth. You need to relax and not be too tense during the shooting process so that the quality of the film is clear, so that the doctor's diagnosis process is also easier with more accurate results.

3. Notes when taking x-rays

The X-ray film in dental treatment depends on the appointment of the doctor:
X-rays have the potential to cause radiation contamination, adversely affecting health if exposed for a long time. So when taking X-ray you can be protected by a lead jacket to limit the direct exposure between the X-ray and the body.
Xquang răng
Người chụp sẽ được bảo vệ bởi áo chì nhằm hạn chế sự tiếp xúc với tia X
In the medical field, the amount of X-rays used to take X-ray films is very small and completely controlled.
Notes for pregnant women and children:
For pregnant women: In dental treatment, although X-rays are only taken in the mouth area, if you are pregnant, you should inform your health care professional about your condition. monitor pregnancy to be supported with protective equipment to avoid affecting the fetus to ensure the health of the fetus, especially in the first trimester.
Children will also sometimes be assigned an X-ray to determine the status of misaligned teeth, misaligned teeth as well as the condition of tooth decay before developing, spreading to neighboring teeth... This doctor will have the best treatment measures.
We hope that the information we provide above has helped you find the right answer to the question of why you should take X-rays before braces. Wish you have a good health with a bright white smile.
Vinmec International General Hospital has applied a new generation of orthodontic braces to dental treatment to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of customers. When using the service package, customers will receive comprehensive oral care such as general dental examination, panoramic dental films, orthodontics using self-ligating metal brackets and tartar removal,... In addition, customers also receive 2 dental cleanings during the braces process, and a free retainer after half a year of braces to ensure the results of braces.
Master, Doctor Nguyen Thi Mai Anh has nearly 10 years of experience in the field of diagnostic imaging, especially in imaging breast and thyroid cancer. Received formal training at Thai Binh Medical University and specialized postgraduate training at Hanoi Medical University. Currently, the doctor is a radiologist at Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.
To register for examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital, for detailed information and to book an appointment for medical examination and consultation, customers can call the hotlines of the hospitals or register for an online consultation with Vinmec International General Hospital HERE.

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