Why use elastic bands when braces?

The article is professionally consulted by Master, Doctor Dang Tien Dat - Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology - Department of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine - Vinmec Ha Long International General Hospital.

Orthodontic elastic is an important instrument, contributing significantly to the results of the braces process. However, braces are not always indicated for all cases, only when the patient has a misalignment of the bite, orthodontic elastic is used.

1. What is an elastic band for braces?

Orthodontic braces is a complicated technique, each patient will have a specific indication. There are many different types of appliances used in addition to the brackets and archwire systems, depending on the situation of each person, some patients need a widening appliance, some people need an implant screw, and many cases need it. Use orthodontic elastic bands to improve the effectiveness of braces.
Traditional braces require the use of brackets and wires, which work by exerting a gentle pull on the teeth, causing them to move into the desired standard position. Braces elastic band (also known as inter-jaw elastic) is an important instrument besides the brackets and archwire system.
Orthodontic elastic is a type of elastic with very high elasticity, attached to brackets and hooks from one molar to the corresponding opposite jaw to create traction for the teeth. Orthodontic elastic is not a mandatory indication for all cases of braces, the use of orthodontic elastic bands depends on the patient's jaw condition as well as the requirements of the dentist.
Therefore, although orthodontic elastic plays an important role in braces, it is normal for patients not to use it.
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2. Why use elastic bands when braces?

When wearing braces, the doctor uses a system of brackets and wires to create force. Braces elastics are used to create additional combined force. Over time, this whole system of appliances will move the teeth to the desired position. Thus, it can be said that orthodontic elastic will help teeth move more quickly and help align the position of the upper and lower teeth in accordance with the bite.
Orthodontic elastic is connected to the corresponding bracket system between the two teeth of the upper and lower jaw. In addition to aligning the bite, the brace elastic band also has the effect of pulling crooked teeth, teeth that grow completely above the jawbone or teeth that are not in the same standard tooth curve to the correct position and posture.
Braces elastic bands are adjusted on a case-by-case basis, suitable for each patient. If worn continuously every day, the traction is stable and gentle to slowly bring the teeth to the desired position. The material of the orthodontic elastic is a high-grade medical rubber, so it is very safe and does not cause irritation to the oral environment
For the case of protruding teeth, the elastic band is placed on the front hook of the upper jaw and Connects to the hook behind the lower jaw to pull the upper teeth backward, and at the same time pulls the lower teeth forward.
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3. Things to do when wearing orthodontic elastic

Should remove braces when eating as well as when cleaning teeth. Orthodontic elastic should be replaced daily, to avoid excessive wear and loss of elasticity of the elastic. Should bring orthodontic elastic with you to replace when necessary, that will contribute to shortening the orthodontic time. Hands should be washed thoroughly before removing or changing the elastic. You should contact your doctor if you lose or feel abnormal when wearing orthodontic elastic bands.

4. What not to do when wearing orthodontic elastic

Do not arbitrarily use two braces at the same time because this will put too much pressure on the teeth and may damage the roots. Do not pull the elastic too tight to avoid making the elastic lose its elasticity and bring about low efficiency. Do not open your mouth wide when you first start wearing elastic, so when eating is too difficult, you can take it off at each meal and put it back on right after. Sometimes, patients are assigned to just wear the elastic at night so they don't need to worry about eating.
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Do not open your mouth too wide when wearing elastic as this may cause the elastic band to break and pop inside the mouth. Specializing in Dentistry - jaw - face, Vinmec hospital is equipped with KAVO dental chair system (Germany), camera at the tooth chair, panorama machine of Gendex, X-ray machine of in-situ socket, Phosphorus film scanner of Gendex, Dently ultrasound machine, Radii Plus Australia teeth whitening forging, endodontic machine, root canal length meter.... help maximize the examination and implementation of all dental and maxillofacial techniques.
In addition, Vinmec gathers a team of experts, leading doctors with high qualifications, experience, dedication and devotion to the health of patients.
Master, Doctor Dang Tien Dat graduated with a master's degree in Odonto-Stomatology from Hanoi Medical University. Dr. Dat has strengths in: performing wisdom tooth extraction procedures, root canal treatment, tartar removal, gentle tooth filling, minimal trauma, helping patients to minimize pain; Design and make beautiful porcelain teeth. Currently, dentist Dat is working at the Department of Odonto-Stomatology, Vinmec Ha Long International Hospital.
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