Health benefits of bananas

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Banana is a very popular fruit with Vietnamese people. Bananas are available all year round, easy to preserve, can be eaten directly, mixed with fruits or processed into many different delicious dishes, are a wonderful fruit of man.

1. What do bananas bring to humans?

Bananas bring a lot of benefits to people, which can be mentioned as:
Provide a moderate amount of carbohydrates: in bananas like many other fruits contain carbohydrates, but in a moderate amount, even people with diabetes Diabetics can still enjoy half a banana when craving for food. Bananas also do not affect people on low-carb diets, because an average banana only provides about 27 g of carbohydrates. An ideal source of fiber: a human meal cannot lack an important ingredient, which is fiber. A medium-sized banana provides about 3 g of fiber, equivalent to 10% of the daily requirement. Fiber brings many benefits, such as helping the colon function properly, maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure balance, reducing inflammation, etc. Usually, foods rich in fiber help the body feel full faster, thereby helping the body feel full faster. Eat less, reduce energy intake, support weight loss. Rich in potassium: Potassium plays an important role in the functioning of the body, especially the functioning of the heart. Potassium-rich foods help lower blood pressure in two ways: by increasing urinary sodium excretion and by dilating blood vessels. Besides, potassium has many other effects, such as lowering the risk of stroke and keeping bones and muscles working healthy. It should be noted that for people with kidney problems, too much potassium is not good for health, so consult your doctor to get the most appropriate indication.
Healthier digestive system: yellow bananas are a rich source of prebiotics. Prebiotics are carbohydrates that cannot be digested by the human digestive system, but are a food source for the intestinal flora. There is evidence that probiotics can help with antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Besides, it also helps to improve urinary tract infections, treat intestinal infections, alleviate irritable bowel syndrome, alleviate lactose intolerance, is effective for some allergy symptoms, relieves symptoms. colds and flu,...
Chuối có nhiều Kali
Chuối có nhiều Kali giúo hạ huyết áp

2. What other benefits do bananas have?

Bananas also contain some essential vitamins for the body:
One medium banana provides the necessary amount of vitamin B6 per day. Vitamin B6 aids in metabolism, plays an important role in the development of the brain during pregnancy and infancy, as well as the development of the immune system. Citrus fruits, such as fresh oranges, are a good source of vitamin C, and bananas also have vitamin C: one banana provides about 10 mg (each person needs 75 - 90 mg per day), so eat A banana for breakfast is ideal. Vitamin C helps the body fight free radical damage, which is the body's response to food, tobacco, pesticides, and other harmful things. Vitamin C also helps keep the immune system healthy, helping wounds heal faster.
Chuối có nhiều vitamin C giúp hệ miễn dịch khỏe mạnh
Studies also suggest bananas help the body recover from strenuous exercise. One study found that male cyclists who ate a banana before a race had faster cycling speeds and shorter recovery times than those who drank only water. The same is true for people who eat bananas and get better results.

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