4 essential exercises to improve running technique

Running is one of the most popular sports activities today. Mastering the running technique with the necessary exercises can help you stay in shape and avoid running injuries. From there, you can jog faster and longer. Here are four running-enhancing workouts, built into a warm-up to improve hip and ankle mobility, and help maintain a straight posture.

1. Ankle mobility exercise, improve standing posture

Slightly leaning forward is the most basic running position. When jogging, you should lean forward slightly (from the ankle), keeping the center of gravity stable. Improving ankle flexibility will help you run with a straight posture, protecting your lower back and knees from the risk of injury.
Ankle stretching exercise as follows:
Stand facing a wall, bring 1 foot forward so that the foot is in contact with the wall - level with the back knee; Put your hands on the wall, shift your weight to your front heel; Gently pull the front foot down until the heel touches the floor. During this process, you will feel a stretch in the back of your ankle. Note: If the knee of your front leg is touching the wall during the exercise, step back a little until the knee of your front leg is not touching the wall.

2. Chin lock to maintain neck posture

How to run with correct technique? While running, you need to keep your head upright, maintaining your forward gaze. If you look at the ground, your head and shoulders will fall forward, wrong running posture and consuming a lot of energy. Therefore, you should practice exercises that improve the deep neck flexors to better support the head and neck.
Chin tuck exercise as follows:
Lie on your back or stand up straight so that your neck is in line with your spine; Activate the neck flexor by performing a motion that pulls the chin back toward the neck; Raise your head a little higher, hold this position for 2 seconds before relaxing your neck, lowering your head; Repeat this movement 6-8 times while keeping your neck in a comfortable position.
chạy bộ thế nào
Để tập luyện nâng cao khả năng chạy bộ, bạn cần thực hiện đúng kỹ thuật chin tuck

3. Knee Lift Walk and Bridge Pose to Improve Hip Mobility

This exercise helps the hips and glutes to be more flexible for running while maintaining the core and spine. Improving hip mobility will help us have the right running technique, keep a straight posture, stable pelvic position.
Knee-raised walking exercise is as follows:
Performing a knee-raised walk improves hip flexibility, allowing you to lift your knee as you move forward and the other leg to help maintain balance. equal. The exercise is performed as follows:
Stand up straight, prepare to take one more step; Bend your hips, lift your right knee up in front of your chest, grab your shin with your hand to pull your knee closer to your chest; Hold this position, making sure your chest is up and your back is straight; Relax, release the leg, repeat this movement on the other leg. If you want to try harder, you can use an elastic band.
Practice bridge pose (supine bridge) as follows:
Lie on your back, bend your knees comfortably, place your feet on the floor; Squeeze your abdomen to contract your spine and squeeze your glutes, bringing your pelvis up off the ground; Raise the pelvis to the allowed position, do not arch the back excessively; Lower the air, repeat the movement. Focus on using your glutes to lift your hips instead of your hamstrings and lower back. The above are supplementary exercises when running to help you run fast, run sustainably, and limit unnecessary sports injuries. Following the instructions above will help you improve hip and ankle mobility and maintain an upright posture, which is very beneficial for later runs.

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Reference source: healthline.com

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